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Landmark UK Study Shows Telehealth Cuts Patient Deaths by 45 Percent

In what’s being called the largest ever study on telehealth, it was found that the use of which cut overall patient mortality rates by an astounding 45%.

The study took place over a three-year period and covered nearly 6,200 patients in three cities suffering from one of three primary conditions: diabetes, heart failure or COPD.  The study also showed that telehealth reduced emergency visits by 15%, cut emergency admissions by 20%, slashed elective admissions by 14%, decreased bed days by 14% and shaved tariff costs by 8%.

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Report: Healthcare Organizations Not Prepared to Secure Patient Data

As the healthcare industry turns its focus to new digital and mobile technology, ensuring patient data and other sensitive areas are kept secure has become a major issue for hospitals and other healthcare organizations.

A new report out from PwC claims healthcare companies aren’t as prepared as they should be.  The report, entitled “Old Data Learns New Tricks: Managing Patient Privacy and Security on a New Data-Sharing Playground,” shows that despite advances in electronic health records (EHRs) and security technology, healthcare organizations have yet to adopt privacy measures on a large scale.

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Study: Telehealth Results in 8-13 Percent Reduction in Spending on Chronically Ill

A new study published recently in the Journal of Health Affairs found that telehealth intervention, in place of traditional clinic-based care, results in spending reductions of 8 to 13 percent per patient, per quarter, on average.

Participants in the study were battling heart failure, COPD and diabetes, and were all issued telehealth devices to use in their homes.  Patients then recorded vital signs such as weight, blood pressure and other metrics while answering questions about their health habits while at home.  This data was uploaded to a Web-based system that analyzed the responses and alerted clinicians if the findings were outside normal parameters, according to researchers.

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Study: Simple Reminder Calls Significantly Increase Patient Compliance

We talk a lot about mobile reminders within healthcare as a simple but highly effective tool for increasing compliance with everything from medication adherence to doctor’s appointments.  A study recently published by the University Health Network out of Toronto helps reaffirm the effectiveness of the concept.

The University carried out a one-year clinical trial of BP monitors for patients with diabetic hypertension to see how reminder systems can truly impact compliance.  A total of 110 patients were used in the study with each receiving a home BP monitor and a Blackberry smartphone to transmit data back to researchers.  However, only 55 in the experimental group received a special app that provided reminder calls when they didn’t measure their BP at least three times per week.  Those in the control group had a monitor, but were simply asked to take readings, with no automatic follow-up.

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