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Healthentic on a Heap of Cash and Ready for ‘Go-to-Market Push’

Healthentic on a Heap of Cash and Ready for 'Go-to-Market Push'The team at Healthentic is ready for its “go-to-market push.”

The data analytics company that identifies health savings for employers tells mHealthWatch that it has raised $3.75 million in its latest equity financing round to “drive continued product innovation and go-to-market efforts.”

To date, the firm’s press release explains, the company has raised almost $20 million to develop its two products.
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Super Bowl: Health Impacts of the Big Game

Super Bowl Health Impacts of the Big GameThis week, mHealthWatch was privy to some fascinating new data from Healthentic related to the Super Bowl.

It goes without saying, eating and drinking (often to excess) are among the many familiar traditions associated with the big game.

Healthentic’s latest data, however, shows the Super Bowl festivities’ impact on abdominal pain and headache claims over the last five years and the financial costs associated with them.
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Infographic: Why Halloween May Bring a Mobile Message from Your Dentist

Infographic Why Halloween May Bring a Mobile Message from Your DentistEver notice this time of year that your smartphone tends to buzz with an SMS alert or email message from your friendly neighborhood dentist reminding you that’s it’s been a while since your last check-up? If you’re wondering why, we’ve got two words for you — candy corn.

On Thursday morning, the team at Healthentic published a new infographic about Halloween and dental data.

“For example,” the company says on its official blog, “we looked at data for more than ten million dental plan enrollees.” And what did they find?

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Q&A with Healthentic COO Sean Gallivan at Health 2.0

Q&A with Healthentic COO Sean Gallivan at Health 2.0Sean Gallivan, Chief Operating Officer of Healthentic — a health care analytics company focused on making it easy for employers to find savings — did a quick Q&A with mHealthWatch this week at Health 2.0 in Santa Clara, California. Here’s what the exec had to say.

MHW: What are some of the most exciting projects in development or recently brought to market by your company?

Sean: We revamped our Population Health Dashboard (PhD) with two major improvements this year.

First, we extended our analysis to include health risk assessment, biometrics, and productivity data. Second, this version also includes event and program tracking which allows employers to input their own health care activities and see the impact to their population’s costs and conditions.

Another big milestone for us has been the ability to produce research on our data. We’ve recently published findings on important health care topics like avoidable ER visits, and the impact of high cost cases.

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