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Bupa and HealthTap Announce a Strategic Partnership

MHW has learned that Bupa — the international health and care company — and HealthTap — the world’s first Health Operating System powered by the largest network of interactive doctors and Artificial Intelligence — have just announced a long term strategic partnership to transform the healthcare experience worldwide.

The partnership will bring together Bupa, with its leading health and care expertise, and HealthTap, one of the leading and most innovative health tech companies, to deploy a game-changing combination of digital and in-person healthcare.

HealthTap’s proprietary Health Operating System HOPES and its AI powered apps will enable delightful Bupa digital experiences and enhance speed, convenience, and quality of care for Bupa customers.

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HealthTap Opens its Doors to Chinese Speakers

Quest Diagnostics, HealthTap Launch Virtual Diagnostic Testing for Healthcare ConsumersHealthTap, a global health practice providing 24/7 immediate access to top doctors through video, text, or voice, announced ahead of the weekend that its most advanced services are now available in Chinese, which is the world’s most spoken language.

With this new vertical, the 1.4 billion Chinese-speaking people worldwide can get immediate access to U.S.-licensed doctors and their knowledge, quickly and cost-effectively via the HealthTap Chinese mobile app and website.

According to a report released by the US Census Bureau, Chinese is the second most spoken language in the United States. Additionally, the Chinese American population is the largest Asian American population in the United States, with Chinese immigrants comprising the largest single group of arrivals a year into the United States since 2013.

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HealthTap Unveils ‘HealthTap Cloud’

HealthTap Touts New Health-Makeover ServiceHealthTap, a provider of 24/7 immediate access to doctors and their knowledge via video, text, and voice, unveiled on Wednesday what the company calls HealthTap Cloud, a first-of-its-kind development platform that enables health developers to build applications more efficiently and cost effectively.

According to this morning’s announcement, HealthTap Cloud is powered by HOPES, the world’s first Health Operating System, which connects the entire continuum of care to each person’s unique Personal Health Record (PHR).

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HealthTap Aims to Make Virtual Care More Affordable

HealthTap Tapping into TelemedicineHealthTap, a global health practice providing 24/7 immediate access to doctors via video, text or voice, says that Virtual Consults on the HealthTap platform will now be covered by health insurance.

With the dramatic increase in demand for Virtual Care, patients are looking for a quick and easy way to check eligibility and enable insurance coverage.

According to the American Telemedicine Association, more than 10 million patients took advantage of virtual doctor consults last year. A Harris Poll survey revealed that more than one in four U.S. consumers (27 percent) would choose a virtual consult if offered to them.

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HealthTap Touts First of Its Kind Doctor Training

HealthTap Touts First of Its Kind Doctor TrainingThe HealthTap team announced to MHW this week a first of its kind training and certification in Virtual Care.

“A new discipline of medicine, Virtual Care is based on rapidly emerging changes in how healthcare is being practiced, delivered, and received.,” the company says.

Per HealthTap’s assessment, constituting far more than just “telemedicine” or providing care remotely over video or the telephone, Virtual Care is an entirely new and comprehensive way to practice medicine.

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HealthTap’s Digital Healthcare Network Now Tops 100,000 Doctors

The Top Health Apps HealthTap+ Reports on the Doctor-Recommended Health and Medical Apps of 2014mHealthWatch learned Tuesday that HealthTap‘s network of U.S. licensed doctors has grown to more than 100,000.

These doctors have joined HealthTap in its “virtual care revolution” as a means to enable people everywhere to access quality care from any mobile device or personal computer, and for doctors to deliver care anytime from anywhere.

To date, HealthTap says it has served more than 4.3 billion answers from its doctors to patients. The service itself has now helped 250 million people in more than 100 countries around the world.

This unprecedented doctor movement has already made a remarkable impact: HealthTap doctors have received more than 22,800 notes thanking them for saving a person’s life or that of a loved one. The virtual care movement has created the largest network of doctors in the world who are active online, serving patients, and making a difference.

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HealthTap Introduces Global Rounds

HealthTap Introduces Global RoundsHealthTap, a company fond of calling itself the world’s first Global Health Practice (providing 24/7 access to query-to-cure world-class care with a network of more than 74,000 doctors), recently announced that clinicians around the world can now receive Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits while helping others.

“Newly developed technology enables doctors to use their mobile devices or personal computers to securely access HealthTap Global Rounds anytime, anywhere,” the company said in its announcement shared with mHealthWatch.

At no cost, doctors can now earn CME credits for answering patient questions, providing peer-review on other doctor answers, and participating in discussions about challenging medical cases.

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