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Study Shows Tablet Program Mitigates Patient Readmission Rates

Study Shows Tablet Program Mitigates Patient Readmission RatesNew Jersey-based HackensackAlliance, an accountable care organization (or ACO), says it has taken care coordination “to the next, high-tech level.”

The organization recently began giving patients their own 4G tablets for the purpose of helping to better manage their care.

The ACO gives 4G tablets to patients with chronic heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and/or diabetes, since those are the three leading causes of readmissions in the HackensackAlliance ACO, according to Noreen Hartnett, BSN, RN, patient care navigator with HackensackAlliance ACO.
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Study: Analytics Can Reduce Hospital Readmissions

Analytics Can Reduce Hospital ReadmissionsAccording to a study recently published by the College of Healthcare Management, an El Camino Hospital in California has reduced its readmission rate by 25%. High risk patients are carefully monitored by rest home staff and the hospital uses probability, based on several attributes, to determine who is most likely to return for care.

These patients are then more closely monitored by the primary care physician.

Based on whether the probability index rated the patient as a low, medium, or high risk for readmission, actions are taken to make sure proper care is given. Alerts placed on the electronic charts of patients notify care givers when this patient is flagged as high risk.

What factors rate this high-risk label? Advanced age, congestive heart failure, lung disease, previous strokes, previous cases of pneumonia, and incidents of sepsis.

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AT&T and Intuitive Health to Pilot Remote Patient Monitoring Solution to Help Reduce Hospital Readmissions

Helping reduce hospital readmissions is a large reasons for bringing digital and mobile health technologies to market, especially ones that allow patients to take more control over their care while at home and after they leave the hospital the first time.

That’s where remote patient monitoring comes in, and numerous companies large and small are entering the race.  It was announced that AT&T is teaming up with Intuitive Health to pilot a home-based remote monitoring solution that helps engage patients and family members in their own care, while seamlessly involving healthcare providers through integration with their clinical information systems.  The end goal for the pilot is to help reduce hospital readmissions and associated healthcare costs, while increasing quality of care and patient satisfaction.

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