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Hospitals and EMS Announce Technology Collaboration

An 'Absolute' High Tech Collaboration Comes to Security, Healthcare SpaceTwo Colorado Springs health systems have partnered with more than a dozen local emergency medical services agencies to implement the use of a mobile application to provide faster, better care to patients suffering from potentially devastating conditions.

When someone suffers a stroke in Colorado Springs, Colorado, a team of healthcare providers springs into action. First responders from local fire departments and American Medical Response (AMR) provide initial care and, also quickly notify the hospital. The hospital emergency department prepares to receive the patient and deliver the immediate care required when the patient arrives. And the stroke team, a specialized group of doctors and nurses, mobilizes to treat and reverse the cause of the stroke as soon as possible.

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Apple Rushed to the Hospital

Apple Rushed to the HospitalApple is being rushed to the hospital in 2015. And, if all goes as planned, the world’s leading mobile tech maker may soon be admitted to a hospital near you.

A new report from Reuters indicates that Apple’s HealthKit platform is now being actively tested in more than half of all leading U.S. hospitals.

“Fourteen of 23 top hospitals contacted by Reuters said they have rolled out a pilot program of Apple’s HealthKit service – which acts as a repository for patient-generated health information like blood pressure, weight or heart rate – or are in talks to do so,” the report reads.

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Hospital Cost Reductions Necessary, But More Than Same Old Excel Spreadsheets Will Be Required

Hospital Cost Reductions Necessary, But More Than Same Old Excel Spreadsheets Will Be RequiredOf all the developments in healthcare — and there are a wagonload these days — cost containment is one of the pressing issues.

That’s because, according to data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), out of the nearly $3 trillion spent in 2014, a purported $765 billion was “lost to waste in inefficiency, redundancy, errors, over-utilization, and unnecessary variation in clinical practices.”

Now it’s showing up big time on the balance sheets of hospitals across the country. One American Hospital Association analysis suggests that fully a third of U.S. hospitals currently suffer from their own recurring condition: negative operating margins.

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Infographic: Why Hospitals Need Tech to Mitigate ER Congestion

Infographic Why Hospitals Need Tech to Mitigate ER Waiting CongestionAs mHealthWatch reported last week, a growing number of hospitals are adopting an online appointment scheduling system, not for life-threatening conditions, but for less pressing concerns.

While patients with true emergencies will always take precedence, online appointments can drastically reduce patient wait times. And thanks to the info packed into a new Milken Institute School of Public Health infographic, there’s obviously never been a better time for hospitals to modernize their ERs with high tech resources designed to mitigate protracted wait times.

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Google Glass for Doctors? It’s Happening

Google Glass for Doctors It's HappeningMost doctors agree that the hospital is the perfect testing ground for Google Glass. With more and more doctors looking for efficient ways to care for patients, many believe that the wearable tech could make healthcare more efficient and more effective. With immediate access to information, doctors can give more accurate diagnoses, communicate more effectively, and even find a way to distract anxious children in medical settings.

Most recently, the Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, Texas has been using augmented reality technology to take children on digital field trips. Not only has this been a morale-booster for children unable to leave the hospital because of medical conditions, it has also lessened the anxiety that seems innate in some children when staying in the hospital.

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More Hospitals Turning to Mobile Payments

More Hospitals Turning to Mobile PaymentsRetail and restaurants aren’t the only aggressive adopters of mobile payments technology today. Across the healthcare landscape, from dental practices to emergency rooms, mobile payment options are turning up with a surprising degree of speed.

But in recent months, the number of hospitals turning to mobile payments is particularly notable.

Just last month, InstaMed, a prominent healthcare payments network, launched InstaMed Go, a payment app designed specifically for healthcare, allowing healthcare providers to increase patient payments by “securely collecting at every patient interaction point.”
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KidsLink Enters Healthcare Market

KidsLink Enters Healthcare MarketThe team at KidsLink, an online family management platform used to organize important documents, events, and milestones, is jumping into the healthcare market.

The foray into this new industry is made possible though a partnership with Piedmont Medical Center (PMC), a Tenet Healthcare hospital based in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Using the platform’s family dashboard and mobile app, parents can import, aggregate and share important documents — such as health insurance, immunization records, report cards, and activity forms — on their smart phone, tablet or desktop.
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