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Scrypt Augments mHealth Portfolio with Two New iOS Apps

Mobile Apps Ready to Meet the Medication Adherence ChallengeScrypt, Inc., a leading maker of compliant productivity tools for regulated industries, is launching two new iOS applications for healthcare.

The offerings include Sfax for iOS (a HIPAA-secure faxing application), and Stak for iOS (a HIPAA-secure document storage and signature application).

Although the launches are exclusive to iOS for now, Android versions of both apps are expected to hit the market in the coming weeks.

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Visually Impaired May Gain ‘People Finder’ from iPhone

In an effort to make today’s leading mobile technologies as user-friendly as possible for those with disabilities, Apple’s iPhone may soon serve up an application for blind individuals the world over.

According to the BBC, Mike May from Sendero Group has developed something called the People Finder app (similar to Apple’s Friend Finder app). The only difference is that People Finder is specifically designed for the visually impaired.

“As a blind person I’d love to be made aware of when somebody I know is near by, so that I can meet with them,” May tells the BBC. “As a bonus, you will also be careful not to talk about someone if you know they might be in hearing distance.”

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Dictation-Based EMR App Moves to Expanding Android Market

MD-IT, the leading provider of medical documentation software and services for physician and ambulatory care providers, announced the release of its narrative note driven EMR Android application on September 6, 2011.The MD-IT application is unique within the healthcare industry because it is the only dictation-based EMR.

Originally released to function only on iOS, the new MD-IT iConnect for Android expands not only the reach, but also the features of the application.  This decision to branch into the Android market was made after Android overtook iPhone in the smartphone industry earlier this year.

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mHealth: iPhones to Provide Mobile Means for Monitoring Blood Pressure

In what is proving to be yet another example of how closely intertwined the burgeoning mHealth industry is with Apple’s most popular mobile products, the FDA has now formally given the green light to a company named Withings (a French start-up that designs, develops, and industrializes connected devices), which has pioneered an iOS blood pressure monitor.

The product is now shipping in the US.

According to the description made available in FDA’s formal clearance, “The Withings Blood Pressure Monitor… is a noninvasive blood pressure measurement [system] intended to measure the systolic and diastolic blood pressures and pulse rate of an adult individual, over age 18, at home by using a non-invasive technique in which an inflatable cuff is wrapped around the upper arm.”

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