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Itching for Success: Dermatology App Hits 100,000 Downloads

Itching for Success Dermatology App Hits 100,000 DownloadsFirst Derm, a free iOS and Android teledermatology app that lets patients receive an opinion on any skin ailment from board-certified dermatologists in just 24 hours, has reached an epic app store milestone.

According to a statement provided to mHealthWatch, the app has now reached 100,000 downloads.

First Derm has been extensively researched as a dermatology triage tool. Users anonymously upload two photos, one up close and one overview, along with a description of the skin concern without requiring registration or profile creation.
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Sleep Genius App Gets NASA Salute

Sleep Genius App Gets NASA SaluteWhat began as a quest to help humans sleep in the International Space Station has become a technology soothing people worldwide.

Not only that, It’s also a celebrated “spinoff technology” in the latest edition of NASA’s prestigious annual publication, appropriately titled Spinoff.

The 2015 issue recognizes an array of cutting edge companies and products that began with research for NASA but ultimately led to technologies for life right here on planet Earth.

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MoveMeFit on the Move with Launch of New App

MoveMeFit on the Move with Launch of New AppJust in time to help out with those New Year’s resolutions, MoveMeFit has launched their new iOS app which allows users to “get inspired” and achieve their fitness goals.

Fitness experts say that repetition is both physically ineffective  and mentally tedious. The new MoveMeFit app helps mitigate that tedium by delivering personalized and motivating fitness options. The app finds you relevant workouts, tracks your progress, allows you to follow friends and fitness pros’ activities,  and syncs your workout data to HealthKit.

MoveMeFit curates and offers thousands of online and local workouts with sessions including Cardio, Pilates, Strength-training, Yoga, Dance, HIIT, Prenatal, and more.

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New App Uses ‘Rewards’ to Monitor Mood Disorders

App Uses ‘Rewards’ to Monitor Mood DisordersAdrian Cunning’s startup, ThriveStreams, has released its first product, according to CNET.

The newly released app takes a gamified approach to mood tracking for those with conditions such as depression and bipolar disorder. Cunning was diagnosed as bipolar in 2002 and has said that his own battle with the disorder inspired him to serve others with mental health struggles.

The app, ThriveTracker, collects data on activities such as meditation, exercise, journaling, as well as tracking therapy attendance and quality and amount of sleep. Users can chart their moods, anxiety, and irritable levels in order to analyze trends and make connections between moods and behaviors. Consistent users can earn rewards such as samples, gift cards, and MP3 downloads. The rewards are meant to incentivize consistent data entry.

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Apple’s HealthKit Already Diagnosed with a Bug

Apple's HealthKit Already Diagnosed with a BugIt’s not even cold and flu season yet but Apple’s HealthKit already has a bug that will make it late for work.

Shortly before yesterday’s release of iOS 8, Apple was compelled to yank all HealthKit-related iOS apps from the App Store.

A number of eleventh-hour issues were reportedly to blame for the decision.
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iPatientCare Shows Us What an mHealth Triple Play Looks Like

iPatientCare Shows Us What an mHealth Triple Play Looks LikeThe mHealth innovators at iPatientCare recently briefed mHealthWatch on their introduction of miMeds, miCalc and miWater — three patient centric medical apps compatible with iOS devices.

We’re told the free apps are designed to help patients and clinicians remain updated about a patient’s health, and improve their overall level of care.

“The healthcare industry is moving towards a delivery model that is more patient-focused, value-based, and accessible even in remote environments,” the company says. “In this regard, iPatientCare is all set to add value to the digital evolution in healthcare by creating cutting-edge, and innovative mHealth solutions.”
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Visually Impaired Want More from iOS

Visually Impaired Want More from iOSA national advocacy group for the visually and hearing impaired has a message for Apple – do more to make iOS features accessible and practical for millions of Americans with special needs.

According to the findings of a 2008 CDC study, some 3.4 million Americans are now legally blind or visually impaired.

In short, The National Federation of the Blind wants Apple to eliminate the exclusionary drawbacks of its products and services for those with difficulty perceiving sight and sound.

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