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Autism Researchers Turn Their Attention to The iPad’s Potential

Autism Researchers Turn Their Attention to The iPad's PotentialThe Kansas City Star reported Wednesday that University of Kansas researchers have received a $1.2 million grant to embark on a study that could show whether or not an iPad voice output application can help children with autism.

“The researchers will train preschoolers with autism and their classmates to use the app,” the paper reports. “The researchers want to determine whether the technology can improve their deficits in communication, social reciprocity and play skills.”

University of Kansas assistant research professor Kathy Thiemann-Bourque is hopeful that the research will lead to a positive outcome for children with autism.

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Pilot Preparedness, Exhaustion Enter Plane Crash Debate

Was Exhaustion a Factor in Saturday's Plane CrashOn Saturday, Asiana Airlines Flight 214 was carrying more than 300 people when it crashed at San Francisco International Airport.

Two passengers were killed and another 180 were injured in the tragic accident.

Although many questions remain as to the underlying cause of Saturday’s crash, pilot error entered into the debate on Monday.

The pilot at the helm of the ill-fated Asiana Airlines jet had just 43 hours of experience on the Boeing 777, though he had logged significant flight time on other plans, airline officials confirm.

Some have also inquired about the pilot’s potential level of fatigue ahead of Saturday morning’s flight.

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iPad Remains Top Doctor Prescribed Tablet

iPad Remains Top Doctor Prescribed TabletWith doctors and hospitals finding it increasingly essential to use and depend upon mobile tablets for patient care, it looks like Apple remains the definitive device-maker of choice.

According to the findings of a new study, medical professionals and healthcare providers are remarkably welcoming of mobile technologies and applications. As a result, they are eager to take full advantage of the capabilities that adorn the modern mobile landscape.

And that’s a very good thing when you consider the timing involved.

Data recently presented from Black Book Rankings, a healthcare IT analysis firm, shows that impending regulations stemming from the Affordable Care Act will require physicians and hospitals to begin storing their patient records electronically.

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Report: Health Care Changed When Doctors Started Digging Apple Devices

Report Health Care Changed When Doctors Started Digging Apple DevicesAccording to an interesting new analysis from Keith Speights of The Motley Fool, Apple has “accidentally” revolutionized health care through the release of its popular iDevice products.

“It used to be said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” Speights asserts. “That could still be applicable, but the opposite is true for doctors and Apple. Physicians love their iPhones and iPads.”

A study by Manhattan Research in 2011 found that 75% of physicians owned at least one Apple product. Vitera Healthcare’s 2012 survey of health-care professionals backed up this high number. The company’s study found that 60% of respondents used an iPhone and 45% owned an iPad.

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New Advancements ‘Born’ of Hospital Tablet Adoption

Cedars-Sinai hospital is touting a new program dubbed “BabyTime.”

The program in question uses Apple’s iPad to help mothers stay connected to their newborns, particularly in cases when they aren’t able to physically move shortly after giving birth.

The effort leverages the video messaging service made possible by the iOS-powered tablet, which creates a remote presence link between a new mother’s hospital room and the hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

“BabyTime will help bridge communication with the family and the baby’s medical team and is an excellent use of technology to help new mothers bond with their babies, even when they cannot be physically at their babies’ bedside,” explains Dr. Charles F. Simmons Jr., chair of the Cedars-Sinai Department of Pediatrics and Ruth and Harry Roman Chair in Neonatology. “When doctors and nurses are treating a newborn in the NICU, mom can be right there asking questions and getting updates, even if she’s on a different floor.”

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Mayo Clinic Green Lights Expanded Tablet Usage

Mayo Clinic announced today that it’s physicians in Arizona are proving that tablet computers can be used to comprehensively and accurately analyze electroencephalogram or EEG results outside of the clinic or hospital.

An EEG is a procedure that attaches electrodes to a patient’s scalp to detect electrical activity in the brain.

“The fact that this gives doctors the ability to read EEG results from anywhere can only help patients in the long run,” explains Dr. Matthew Hoerth, a neurologist at Mayo Clinic in Arizona.

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Unlocking the iPad’s Potential for the Visually Impaired

Apple spotlighted a new profile from Bloomberg on its official website today that highlights the incredible work of Ed Summers, head of accessibility at international software company SAS.

According to today’s report, Summers “has made it his mission to help other visually impaired people unlock the power of the iPad.”

Summers is traveling around the United States to teach educators how to maximize the device’s built-in accessibility features in their classrooms.

Apple says that tablets are growing in popularity among educators. In particular, Summers says the iPad is “opening up a whole world” for visually impaired students.

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