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iPhone Admitted to Cedars-Sinai

iPhone Admitted to Cedars-SinaiWith mobile devices enjoying rapid deployment across a growing number of hospitals and medical facilities around the world, Apple’s iPhone remains the most popular go-to device for healthcare professionals.

“Cedars-Sinai Medical Center – a 958-bed non-profit hospital in Los Angeles – elected a different starting point for their mobile strategy,” Forbes reports. “Instead of focusing initially on the doctors, Cedars-Sinai saw a more strategic fit with another core hospital resource – nurses. Inside any given hospital (which collectively represents about 30% of all U.S. healthcare spending), nurses remain the backbone of patient care.”

The new reality of nurses being equipped with mobile devices – like tablets and smartphones – represents a refreshing break from a long history of nurses being denied access to the most cutting edge tech available.

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Nike Impresses with New FuelBand SE

Nike Impresses with New FuelBand SEOn Tuesday, Nike unveiled the new iPhone-compatible Nike+ FuelBand SE.

Nike says the latest and most impressive update to the FuelBand connects users with a new and improved Nike+ FuelBand experience.

“We continue to innovate around the Nike+ ecosystem to deliver the very best experiences for our consumers, motivating and inspiring athletes at all levels,” asserts Stefan Olander, Nike’s VP of Digital Sport. “The Nike+ Fuel Lab, along with new Nike+ FuelBand SE and Nike+ Apps significantly enhance our NikeFuel platform.”
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Dermatologists Have Mobile Under Their Skin

Dermatologists Have Mobile Under Their SkinDermatologists have an itch for mobile and only Apple’s iPhone can scratch it.

That’s the discovery of a recent sruvey among dermatologists. And the results indicate that 9 out of 10 doctors use Apple’s iPhone.

The Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, which detailed the survey’s findings, reports that the overwhelming majority of these dermatologists user their iPhones for, at, and during work.

In short, the rapid adoption of mobile devices among dermatologists closely resembles the smartphone frenzy sweeping across the broad healthcare spectrum.
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iPhone Solution May Detect Irregular Heart Beats

iPhone Solution May Detect Irregular Heart BeatsResearchers from the University of Sydney have found that a special iPhone case (and corresponding app) is both affordable and effective in helping detect certain heart rhythm problems.

Presented this month at the Australia and New Zealand Cardiac Society conference, the research in question showed that the  AliveCor Heart Monitor for iPhone (iECG) was a “highly-effective, accurate and cost-effective way to screen patients to identify previously undiagnosed atrial fibrillation (AF) and hence help prevent strokes.”

What’s more, the test is able to be used in local pharmacies and general practitioner surgeries with a single-lead ECG taken on an iPhone with a special case.

The research was chronicled in full on the University of Sydney’s website.

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Mobile Tech Takes NFL Star Into The Delivery Room

Mobile Tech Takes NFL Star into The Delivery RoomDallas Cowboys star cornerback Brandon Carr has never appreciated his iPhone more than he does today.

In particular, Carr is thankful for FaceTime, the video chatting feature that made it possible for the NFL player to witness the birth of his first son.

“I saw everything I needed to see,” Carr tells the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “I saw it all. Technology is wonderful these days. Sometimes you can’t control what’s going to happen. You’ve just got to go with the flow. I made the most of it.”

It was a good feeling to be there and actually see your first son. I’m still trying to gather my thoughts and bring it all in. The last two days have been good. It’s a blessed feeling.

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Pilot Preparedness, Exhaustion Enter Plane Crash Debate

Was Exhaustion a Factor in Saturday's Plane CrashOn Saturday, Asiana Airlines Flight 214 was carrying more than 300 people when it crashed at San Francisco International Airport.

Two passengers were killed and another 180 were injured in the tragic accident.

Although many questions remain as to the underlying cause of Saturday’s crash, pilot error entered into the debate on Monday.

The pilot at the helm of the ill-fated Asiana Airlines jet had just 43 hours of experience on the Boeing 777, though he had logged significant flight time on other plans, airline officials confirm.

Some have also inquired about the pilot’s potential level of fatigue ahead of Saturday morning’s flight.

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Ottawa Mental Health Center Trusts Mobile to Help Veterans

Ottawa Mental Health Center Trusts Mobile to Help VeteransOn Tuesday, the Royal Mental Health Center of Ottawa released a bi-lingual, multi-platform mobile application for veterans, their families and their health practitioners.

Put forward on behalf of the Canadian Operational Stress Injury (OSI) Clinic Network, the formal announcement out of Ottawa indicates that the OSI Connect mobile application will help veterans, military and RCMP recognize and help seek treatment for mental health issues.

The app is available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry mobile devices. A mobile optimized website was also launched for veterans, Canadian Armed Forces and RCMP, their families and their family doctors to understand the top mental health issues facing veterans, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety and sleep issues.

The OSI Connect application has a series of assessment surveys that allows veterans to privately and discreetly determine the type of referral they may need to discuss with their health care practitioner, and where they might be able to find those clinics in their region.

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