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iTriage CEO Named ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’

iTriage CEO Named 'Entrepreneur of the Year'In recent months, MHW has afforded no shortage of coverage to iTriage LLC, an Aetna subsidiary headquartered in Denver, Colorado.

This past week, iTriage CEO and co-founder, Dr. Peter Hudson, received the coveted “Entrepreneur of the Year” Award from the Colorado Technology Association.

The organization’s “most prestigious honor” was bestowed upon Dr. Hudson at the APEX 2013 Conference Awards Dinner.

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Aetna Delivers iTriage Employer Technology to Mid-Sized Businesses

Aetna Delivers iTriage Employer Technology to Mid-Sized BusinessesLast month, Martha Wofford, head of CarePass at Aetna, provided a demonstration to MHW of the company’s impressive new CarePass platform.

“We’re excited,” Wofford said at the time. “I think it will help people get control of their health and wellness data and make living a healthy life a little more convenient. That’s our hope.”

Driving further innovation in the weeks that have passed, on Tuesday Aetna launched an enhanced version of the popular iTriage app for mid-sized businesses.

With this enhanced version, employers can customize the app so that their employees will receive information about health care providers that are in their network.


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Walgreens Currently Testing Mobile Scheduling via iTriage Mobile App

Walgreens is continuing its aggressive mHealth push by launching yet another pilot program to allow customers to schedule appointment to its clinics directly from their smartphones.

The pilot program was launched at clinics in Denver and Chicago as a start, and to use the new scheduling service patients must first download the free iTriage app for iPhones and Android devices.  The partnership with iTriage is key, as it signifies how important this app has become in the mHealth space.  In its first three years since launch, for example, iTriage has seen more than 6 million downloads.

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iTriage Announces Integration With Microsoft HealthVault PHRs

The folks behind iTriage, the popular mHealth consumer application, have announced a new integration with HealthVault, Microsoft’s digital Personal Health Record (PHR) platform.

Touted as the first and only “one-stop health app,” iTriage bills itself as the world leader in “symptom-to-provider” pathway technology, allowing users to not only find out what’s wrong with them, but also where to go for treatment.  The integration with PHRs will round out its functionality to create a pretty powerful end-to-end mHealth consumer application, with HealthVault integration likely the first of many.

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Health Insurer Aetna Acquires Healthagen, Maker of Popular “iTriage” Mobile App

It’s been announced that health insurance giant Aetna has acquired Healthagen, the company behind the the mega-popular “iTriage” mobile app — arguably the most successful mHealth app on the market today.

Last Thursday at an investor conference, Aetna’s Chairman, CEO, and President Mark Bertolini told investors “About a month and a half ago we bought a little company called iTriage…the fastest growing consumer application in healthcare today.  We’re going to begin to change the healthcare industry by giving people tools they can put in the palm of their hand.”  Aetna obviously sees the writing on the wall in terms of consumer-demand for mobile access to healthcare information, with this likely being the first step of many towards more mobile services for its users.

Like all healthcare payers, Aetna has a keen interest in keeping its members as healthy as possible, meaning they must proactively encourage healthy behavior through any means possible.  Through mobile communication and access to mobile services like iTriage, Aetna is doing just that.  Another goal for Aetna is keeping members as engaged as possible, which aids in retention as well. “Retention is the catalyst for growth,” Bertolini said.

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