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Tailored and Interactive Text Messaging Improves Chronic Condition Medication Refill Adherence in Medicare Patients, New Study Shows

According to the findings of a new three month study, tailored and interactive text messaging are powerful tools when it comes to boosting chronic condition medication refill adherence in Medicare patients.

On Tuesday, mPulse Mobile — a Los Angeles-based mobile health engagement solutions company — announced the results of this first of its kind study conducted with Kaiser Permanente.

Per the data shared, the peer-reviewed study, recently published in JMIR mHealth and uHealth, found a 14 percent higher refill rate for those that received the text message intervention program.

Patient nonadherence affects 50% to 60% of chronically ill patients, and the cost of medication-related hospitalizations is $100 billion annually.

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Speed Again Equals Success for Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente hospitals in Northern California are delivering clot-busting medication to new stroke patients more than twice as fast as the national average, notes a release issued to media this week.

We’re told that this follows the regionwide adoption of an integrated telemedicine program, according to new research published Dec. 15 in the journal Stroke.

This is the among the first peer-reviewed, published studies to show how the successful implementation of standardized treatment protocols and telemedicine for acute ischemic stroke in a large, integrated system of hospitals can dramatically reduce the time it takes to start critical treatment.

“When a stroke happens, minutes matter,” said lead author Mai Nguyen-Huynh, MD, MAS, vascular neurologist and research scientist with the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research. “Faster treatment with intravenous r-tPA, which dissolves the stroke-causing clot and restores blood flow to the brain, is strongly associated with better functional outcomes for stroke patients.”

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Kaiser Permanente Coming To Santa Cruz Next Year

Kaiser Permanente Launches 2014 Thrive Ads CampaignmHealthWatch learned Wednesday that residents of Santa Cruz County will soon have access to Kaiser Permanente‘s “unique blend of high quality, affordable health care and award-winning coverage.”

Per this week’s formal announcement, the Oakland-based nonprofit is looking to expand into the Santa Cruz area beginning in January of next year.

The Santa Cruz area is a natural fit for Kaiser Permanente, which already has more than 5,800 members who live in the area and work in one of the health care provider’s existing service areas. In addition, over 500 Kaiser Permanente employees already live in the local communities.

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Kaiser Permanente Survey Shows Benefits of Email Between Patients and Physicians

Kaiser Permanente Survey Shows Benefits of Email Between Patients and PhysiciansA third of patients with chronic conditions who exchanged secure emails with their doctors said that these communications improved their overall health, according to a Kaiser Permanente study published this week in The American Journal of Managed Care.

The survey findings were shared with mHealthWatch on Tuesday.

“We found that a large proportion of patients used email as their first method of contacting health care providers across a variety of health-related concerns,” said Mary E. Reed, DrPH, staff scientist with the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research in Oakland, Calif. and the study’s lead author. “As more patients gain access to online portal tools associated with electronic health records, emails between patients and providers may shift the way that health care is delivered and also impact efficiency, quality and health outcomes.”

The study is among the first to examine how the ability to send secure emails to doctors affects patient behavior, preferences and perceptions about their own health care, a news release from KP reads.
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Kaiser Permanente Opening National School of Medicine in 2019

Kaiser Permanente Opening National School of Medicine in 2019Kaiser Permanente announced plans this week to open the Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine in 2019.

The effort, we’re told, is part of the organization’s ongoing effort to “lead in meeting America’s demands for 21st-century health care.”

Extending the innovation of the Kaiser Permanente approach to patient health and care, the school will redesign physician education around strategic pillars that include providing high-quality care beyond traditional medical settings, acknowledging the central importance of collaboration and teamwork to inform treatment decisions, and addressing disparities in health.

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Kaiser, Humana, and AT&T Ramp Up Focus on Personalization of Healthcare Services and Technologies

Kaiser, Humana, and AT&T Ramp Up Focus on Personalization of Healthcare Services and TechnologiesSome of the most prominent names in healthcare and technology are escalating their attention and focus on personalization in the healthcare space.

To that end, the first day of the second-annual Connected Health Summit: Engaging Consumers concluded “with a discussion on the need for clear and innovative payment models in new connected health solutions.”

Day one was highlighted by executives from Kaiser Permanente, Humana, and AT&T delivering keynotes focusing — as a press release provided to mHealthWatch explains — “on the personalization of healthcare and its role in the Internet of Things.”
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Kaiser Permanente Touts New Ads in Thrive Campaign

Kaiser Permanente Touts New Ads in Thrive CampaignKaiser Permanente says that for them, health is not an industry, “it is a lifelong cause.”

To that end, the respected healthcare organization is making the effort to showcase to the world at large just how it is making a difference in the lives of its members.

The “cause” that KP speaks of is a reference to the pursuit of worthwhile objectives that  often require forging a new road, “one that improves upon the old, worn path followed by other health care organizations. It has meant going against the flow. But Kaiser Permanente’s difference also has a purpose — to support the total health of each of its more than 10 million members.”

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