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Naran Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Portable Multi-sensor

On Wednesday, software and hardware company Naran launched a Kickstarter campaign for Sense, the second product in their MicroBot line.

According to the official announcement, Sense offers a comprehensive solution to monitor and detect any change in the environment, whether at home, office, or on-the-go, and provides smart notifications to the end user. Early bird pricing for the campaign starts at $38 (retail price $49.99).

Every person experiences the atmosphere differently, and very minor changes can affect individuals’ well being. Sense’s seven sensors measure the temperature, humidity, noise level, relative air pressure, light intensity, acceleration and CO2 level and provide useful tips and warnings about the environment automatically. The device easily affixes to any appliance, wall, or backpack. It features a tactile touch button and LED status light. It leverages artificial intelligence to become smarter and give users more better recommendations over time.

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Crowdfunding Campaign Aimed at Helping Keep Office Workers Healthy

Crowdfunding Campaign Aimed at Helping Keep Office Workers HealthySitting on one’s duff at the office may bring home the bacon, but it also leads many to put on too much pork.

Food talk aside, the point is: too much sedentary activity (especially in front of badly positioned monitors) has been proven to lead to less than optimal health outcomes, including weight gain, back and spinal ailments, and other maladies.

But a new product called the OFFyT might make a positive difference.

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Want to Avoid Bacon, or Beef, or Brussel Sprouts? There’s (Going to Be) an App for That

Want to Avoid Bacon, or Beef, or Brussel Sprouts There's (Going to Be) an App for ThatMaybe you’ve got an allergy — or just an item or two which don’t fit with your new dietary regimen. How can you find out which restaurant meals are sure to contain the ingredients you want to avoid?

Now a new and innovative mobile app is in development. Yes, there’ll soon be “an app for that,” if Bleyd, a Florida-headquartered app development firm, has anything to say about it.

The proposed app — for which fundraising is being conducted via Kickstarter — will identify which restaurant meals contain allergens.

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Will Kickstarter Kick Start mHealth’s Most Promising Unfunded Projects?

Will KickStarter Kick Start mHealth's Most Promising ProjectsAccording to the findings presented in an April 2013 report from Mercom Capital Group, venture capital investors can’t get enough of technology’s role in contemporary healthcare.

Business ventures involved in mHealth, telehealth, and virtually all areas of healthcare-focused technology are seeing a dramatic escalation of investor capital.

Venture capital (VC) funding in the HIT sector continued to gain momentum in another record quarter with $493 million raised. There were 104 funding deals in this quarter compared to 51 in the previous quarter. There were also 42 early stage deals this quarter compared to 14 in Q4 2012.

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