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Masimo Touts Latest FDA Clearance

Masimo announced today the FDA clearance and U.S. release of the full family of NomoLine capnography sampling lines.

MHW has learned that NomoLine sampling lines are available in more than 40 configurations of airway adapter sets and cannulas for use in a variety of clinical scenarios, including for intubated and non-intubated patients in both low and high humidity applications, for all patient populations, including neonatal patients.

NomoLine capnography sampling lines are compatible with both Masimo and third-party OEM NomoLine monitors and enable hassle-free sidestream capnography and gas monitoring.

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Masimo Touts Early Warning Score (EWS) on Patient Monitoring Platform

Masimo Shows Off SafetyNet Surveillance at HIMSS16Masimo announced today the limited market release of Early Warning Score (EWS) on the Root patient monitoring and connectivity platform.

According to this morning’s announcement, EWS aggregates information from multiple vital signs and clinical observations to generate a score that represents the potential degree of patient deterioration.

Root, which works in conjunction with Radical-7 or Radius-7 Pulse CO-Oximeters and Masimo Open Connect (MOC-9) measurements, features Masimo SET Measure-through Motion and Low Perfusion pulse oximetry, rainbow SET pulse CO-Oximetry, Nomoline capnography and gas monitoring, SedLine brain function monitoring, O3 regional oximetry, and SunTech blood pressure and Welch Allyn temperature monitoring.
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Philips, Masimo Partner for Improved Patient Monitoring

Phillips Joins The World Of App-Based HealthcareRoyal Philips and Masimo Corporation have announced a “wide-ranging, multi-year business partnership” involving both companies’ innovations in patient monitoring and therapy solutions.

According to an announcement emailed to MHW, the partnership includes joint marketing and sales programs in North America and certain markets in Asia and Europe for Masimo’s non-invasive sensor technologies, such as its rainbow and SET platforms, in conjunction with Philips’ patient monitoring and select therapy solutions.

In addition, Philips will in the future integrate Masimo SedLine® brain function monitoring, O3™ regional oximetry, and Nomoline™ capnography technologies in certain Philips IntelliVue® monitors.

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Ohio Critical Access Hospital Adopts Masimo Root

Ohio Critical Access Hospital Adopts Masimo RootOn Thursday, mHealthWatch learned that University Hospitals Geneva Medical Center (UH Geneva), a Critical Access Hospital in Geneva, Ohio, is building a hospital-wide wireless monitoring and clinician notification system using Masimo Patient SafetyNet in conjunction with Masimo Root with Radius-7 and Masimo Radical-7.

If you’re not familiar, UH Geneva is part of University Hospitals, based in Cleveland, Ohio.

As for the technology being adopted and deployed, Masimo Patient SafetyNet is described as being a supplemental system that enables information from bedside and tetherless wearable monitors to be accessible from remote locations and relays alarm notifications to clinicians.
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Masimo Touts Latest Full Market Release

Masimo Shows Off SafetyNet Surveillance at HIMSS16This week, the team at Masimo is touting the full market release outside the U.S. of the Pronto Pulse CO-Oximeter with Next Generation SpHb Spot Check technology.

What does that mean exactly? For starters, we’re told that the Next Generation Pronto features rainbow SET technology, for noninvasive spot checking of total hemoglobin (SpHb), oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse rate (PR), and perfusion index (PI).

“In addition to the Next Generation SpHb technology, Masimo has also released the rainbow DCI-mini reusable sensor to accompany the Pronto,” a news release explains. “The DCI-mini is a universal sensor usable on patients greater than 3 kg, making Pronto an even more versatile solution.”
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Masimo Shows Off SafetyNet Surveillance at HIMSS16

Masimo Shows Off SafetyNet Surveillance at HIMSS16Masimo announced ahead of the weekend the debut of SafetyNet Surveillance, news that first came to light at the HIMSS 2016 Annual Conference and Exhibition in Las Vegas.

The conference officially wrapped up last week.

We’re told that SafetyNet Surveillance is a video surveillance system that provides real-time video images of a patient’s room, including the patient with connected monitoring devices, to a central station. Masimo SafetyNet Surveillance is a software option for Masimo’s Patient SafetyNet system, adding existing communication technology to central monitoring.

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