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The Cleveland Clinic Welcomes Patients and Visitors with iPad App

The Cleveland Clinic, celebrated for its quality of care, is now drawing praise today as an early adopter of mobile health apps.

Cleveland Clinic Innovations has introduced its tenth app, Today, developed for Apple’s iPad.

The Cleveland Clinic Today App is your daily interactive iPad source for the latest health and wellness tips from the experts at Cleveland Clinic (One of America’s Top 4 Hospitals – U.S. News & World Report 2012-13 Best Hospitals’ Rankings).

Among the attributes and features of the app – which some expect to be closely emulated through the healthcare industry this year and well onto the future – are:

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Kaiser Permanente Launches Mobile App for Access to Electronic Medical Records

Kaiser Permanente, who already boasts the largest deployment of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) in the world, today announced the launch of a new Android application to allow more than 9 million Kaiser patients to access their medical information on the go.

In addition to its Android app, the healthcare provider is also launching a newly mobile-optimized version of its website located at kp.org to allow anyone with a mobile device to still access their medical information when and where they need it.  Kaiser said it plans to launch a companion app for iOS in the coming months as well.  Through mobile access to their personal health information, Kaiser members now have secure access to lab results, diagnostic information, direct email communication with doctors, and the ability to order prescription refills among other things.

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MyMedicalRecords.com Debuts Prepaid Personal Health Record Card at CES

MyMedicalRecords.com Debuts Prepaid Personal Health Record Card at CESOne of the bright spots in terms of digital health at this year’s CES was a new prepaid Personal Health Record (PHR) card introduced by MyMedicalRecords.com.  While it sounds simple enough, the idea behind the service is pretty powerful.

Debuted in the Alcatel-Lucent booth at CES, the card will be offered at retail stores like grocery stores, supermarkets, drug stores, etc. and will be redeemable for a PHR account on the MyMedicalRecords.com platform.  This platform, like any other PHR, provides cloud-based storage of personal health information for a family up to 10.

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Group Health Debuts New mHealth App To Communicate Securely With Your Physician

Seattle-based non-profit healthcare organization, Group Health, has debuted a new feature-packed smartphone app for its members centered around the ability to securely communicate with physicians and nurses.

Group Health, an organization that’s been around a while and actually pioneered the use of Web-based medical records and the ability to securely email a physician more than 9 years go, has always been known for innovating in the area of patient care.  While the organization’s new app encompasses much of the same functionality found in other mHealth apps these days, it still goes above and beyond the average medical smartphone app.

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Connectyx Launches QR Code Integration for Personal Mobile Medical Records

Connectyx, maker of “MedFlash,” an innovative Personal Health & Wellness Management System (ePHM) for maintaining personal health records (PHR), has announced the integration of QR codes as part of its emergency response programs.

Unlike most PHR offerings, MedFlash now offers rapid mobile access allowing first responders to retrieve members’ important medical information when an “In Case of an Emergency” (I.C.E.) exists.  Adding QR codes with direct links to member’s personal emergency profiles offers even quicker response times.  By using a MedFlash member’s 9-digit Emergency Code, CTYX created a QR Code unique to the member’s personal profile that is embedded on their MedFlash Emergency Identification Card. A first responder that finds the MedFlash member’s card at the scene of the emergency/accident can scan the QR code image with a Smartphone and immediately access the victim’s/member’s personal emergency profile. Most first responders have a Smartphone with them at all times and use it to communicate with emergency personnel and hospitals during critical situations.

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