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Medical Technology Innovator Partners with eVisit

eVisit Confirms 1 Million Seed RoundMedical technology company Hart is teaming with eVisit to build and integrate eVisit’s technology with hospital providers using Hart’s keystone product, HartOS.

“HartOS works bidirectionally with any source system to support most healthcare interface standards, making it possible to easily and securely connect and pull available data,” the company says. “The result is a powerful, HIPAA-compliant API platform through which information can be rapidly merged and accessed among hospitals, augmenting medical record generation efficiency while maintaining workflow integrity.”

Meanwhile, eVisit’s telehealth technology makes it possible for patients to see a doctor using secure, two-way video conferencing virtually any time of day, anywhere.
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Supreme Court Ruling May Prohibit State Medical Boards From Discouraging Access To Telehealth

Supreme Court Ruling May Prohibit State Medical Boards From Discouraging Access To TelehealthA February US Supreme Court ruling regarding a violation of the federal antitrust law, is likely to impact the decisions state medical boards make a when it comes to telehealth.

One of the reasons federal antitrust laws have been put in place is to ensure that industry competitors maintain their integrity. They are also put in place to help new businesses thrive.

When the North Carolina Board of Dental Examiners began sending cease-and-desist letters to businesses who were offering teeth whitening services that are owned and operated by non-dentists, the Federal Trade Commission got involved.

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Infographic: 42% of Clinicians Use Social Media in Job Hunt

Infographic 42 Percent of Clinicians Use Social Media in Job HuntSocial media has not only emerged as a valuable resource for patients and healthcare providers to connect and communicate, it has also proven a powerful channel for helping clinicians land work.

“Clinicians today are stepping up and taking charge of their career path by utilizing social media to find the perfect job in their network,” says Nicola Ziady of HWC. “Physicians are becoming more adventurous and optimizing their digital footprint. And why shouldn’t they, considering that most healthcare institutions are extended their brand messaging and experience on social channels. As social recruitment continues to grow, physician job seekers are smart to network online, as there are more opportunities than by traditional methods.”
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Stanford Engineers Create Biological Computer

Stanford engineers are touting a technological breakthrough that could change medicine and healthcare as we presently know them.

The latest Stanford research achievement could soon usher in a day where humans could carry microscopic natural computers inside their cells. The purpose would be to guard against disease and provide warning against imminent toxic threats.

Mercury News reported Monday that a team of engineers there has invented “genetic transistors,” completing a simple computer within a living cell.

This development is being universally hailed as a major step forward in the emerging field of synthetic biology.

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