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New mHealth App Launched for Early Detection of Potential Health Threats

YouShieldOn Wednesday, Sylex Technologies announced the release of YouShield application for iOS and Android.

The app is touted as being a sophisticated tool that performs health checkup based on user-provided symptoms and health data and is able to generate personalized health risk assessment reports.

YouShield mobile application has been created by Sylex Technologies LLC, a renowned developer of national eHealth system software in several European and Asian countries.

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India-Based AMBER Health App is ‘Like Uber But with Ambulances’

Winning Move in the Windy City Chicago's MedEx Rolls Out First Google Glass Equipped Ambulances in U.S.It’s quite a description. But it makes sense. And because it certainly resonates, a lot of people are talking about the new health app that is “like Uber but with ambulances.”

The app in question “could help solve the problems of India’s emergency medical response system by offering users an Uber-like service for ambulances,” says Research and Markets.

Low public funding and heavy traffic on badly organized roads has resulted in a slow and at times unresponsive system, but the AMBER Health app plans to counter these issues through use of a service aggregation system.

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eTreatMD, Arthritis Society Launching mHealth App for Hand Arthritis

HomeBanner1eTreatMD, a health-focused app developer, has just announced the release of eTreatMD myHand, a mobile health app for managing hand arthritis.

myHand enables users to measure, monitor and manage arthritis.

What’s different about this app from others like it? While most hand arthritis apps can only record symptoms, eTreatMD myHand can measure physical changes and help patients see exactly how their pain is connected to factors like weather, activity and treatment.

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Accenture: Hospitals Engaging Just 2 Percent of Patients via Mobile Apps

Mobile_Health_Apps_highresNew research from Accenture reveals that just 2 percent of patients in the largest U.S. hospitals are currently using hospital-provided mobile health apps.

Accenture estimates that failure to align mobile apps to the services consumers’ demand could cost each of these hospitals, on average, more than $100 million in lost annual revenue, a report summary shared with MHW reads.

The research, which assessed mobile app use among the 100 largest U.S. hospitals, found that two-thirds (66 percent) of the 100 largest U.S. hospitals have mobile apps for consumers and roughly two-fifths (38 percent) of that subset have developed proprietary apps for their patients. However, only 11 percent of health systems offer patients proprietary apps that operate with at least one of the three functions that consumers demand most: access to medical records; the ability to book, change and cancel appointments; and the ability to request prescription refills electronically.

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MTBC Touts Electronic Prescribing Smartwatch App

MTBC Touts Electronic Prescribing Smartwatch AppOn Monday, MTBC — a leading provider of healthcare information technology solutions — shared with MHW details of its new electronic prescribing app for the Apple Watch, one of the first electronic prescribing smartwatch apps available to U.S. healthcare providers, the company explains.

MTBC’s Apple Watch app extends key components of its electronic prescribing app for iPhone users, known as MTBC iRx, to the Apple Watch.

Users of the Apple Watch app can view patient refill request alerts and inbound patient communications on the watch and then leverage iRx to authorize refills, write new prescriptions, access patients’ medication histories and clinical support decision tools, and more.

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New App Takes on ‘Billionaire-Backed Industry’

New App Takes on 'Billionaire-Backed Industry'Monarchy Ventures has just announced that it has acquired the worldwide marketing rights to a health and fitness app called 60K which is currently under development for iPhone, Android, tablets and desktop computers.

“Unlike other health and fitness apps on the market, 60K does much more than just count calories and record physical activity,” a provided statement explains. “Although it will integrate seamlessly with the most popular wearable trackers like Fitbit and Jawbone, its unique algorithm looks at the biological, physiological, and fitness profile of each user, designs a custom diet and fitness plan, and provides regular prompts as to when and what to do and eat throughout the day.”

The average human lifespan is approximately 30,000 days, but with 60K the developers hope to double that.
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Walgreens Introduces Latest Mobile Health Initiatives

Walgreens adopts iBeacon to personalize coupons, boost salesWalgreens, in collaboration with MDLIVE, is touting the expansion of the Walgreens mobile app.

The app, we’re told, now offers MDLive’s telehealth services to users in 20 additional states (now totaling 25).

The organizations are also launching an updated telehealth experience within the app, providing better functionality and integration.
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