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Digital Patient Monitoring Devices Market Set to Balloon

mHealth Solutions Market May Be Worth Nearly $60 Billion by 2020Global digital patient monitoring devices market is expected to hit 115.0 billion by 2022, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc.

“Increasing demand for remote patient monitoring and home healthcare is the key driver for market growth,” a provided statement reads.

With rising prevalence of chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension, the demand for real time patient monitoring for management of these disorders is increasing. Digital monitoring is the only platform, which helps in continuous patient monitoring, along with providing remote access to patient data and further reducing the clinical decision time.

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ABI: Smartwatches Expected to ‘Trump’ mHealth Wearables for Integration into the $34 Billion Smart Home Market

ABI Smartwatches Expected to 'Trump' mHealth Wearables for Integration into the 34 Billion Smart Home MarketAccording to a new report from ABI, the smart home market, projected to reach $34 billion in 2020, is becoming the center of activity for multiple IoT ecosystems, including wearables.

In a report from ABI Research, smartwatches are expected to drive the most interest for wearables integration into the smart home even though fitness trackers were approximately two-thirds of all wearable device shipments in 2014.

Recent announcements of Android Wear from Google and Apple Watch are driving integration efforts from various smart home platform vendors such as iControl, Alarm.com and Samsung’s SmartThings.

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Record Number of mHealth Devices to Ship in Next 5 Years

Record Number of mHealth Devices to Ship in Next 5 YearsA new ABI Research report projects that there will be nearly 100 million health monitoring devices shipped over the next five years.

According to the report, this growth is driven by several factors:

  • Apple, Google, and Samsung entering the mobile health market
  • An increasing ability to collect health care data through various devices and share that data with health care providers and payers
  • Consumers’ growing interest in and awareness of how mobile health devices can improve patient care and bolster health-related activities.

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ONC Calls for Public Comments on mHealth Device Privacy, Security and Best Practices

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology has issued a call for public comments surrounding the security, privacy and best practices of using mobile devices in healthcare.

More specifically, the ONC is seeking comments on three categories, including real-world uses of mobile devices by providers and other healthcare delivery professionals; real-world privacy and security practices, strategies and technology; and other general comments on the use of mobile devices by providers and other healthcare delivery professionals.

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Survey: While Consumers Understand Remote Monitoring, Few Hear About it from Physicians

A new survey published recently by HIMSS and Qualcomm Life show that while consumers understand what remote patient monitoring is, only a quarter of those surveyed reported using one before.

In addition, only 16% of those surveyed had heard about remote monitoring devices from their healthcare provider, and 22% said they’d used such a device themselves in the past.  Just 8% said they currently used such devices as part of a fitness program and 5% said they were using such a device provided by a physician.  The survey included phone interviews with 125 American adults in January so the sample size wasn’t that large.  Still, the findings fall in line with similar research showing consumer awareness of the concept, but not the adoption to match.

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HIMSS: ChartLogic Debuts “Stella,” a Voice-Recognition Overlay for EHRs

ChartLogic, a company known for its EHR suite that spans Electronic Medical Records, patient portals, billing/document management and patient education solutions, has announced a new voice recognition overlay technology designed for compatibility with all leading EHR systems.

Called “Stella,” the new solution works similar to Apple’s Siri personal assistant by leveraging the same type of cloud-based natural language processing (NLP) technology to “greatly speed workflow for physicians by enabling them to use iPads, iPhones and other mobile devices with their hospital’s EHR system.”  Voice recognition has long had a place in the healthcare space, and with the proliferation of mobile devices the concept is finally coming to fruition.

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Sensei Partners with IDEAL LIFE for Wireless Device Monitoring & Feedback Solutions

It was announced today that Sensei, Inc. — a provider of wireless health and wellness solutions — has partnered with IDEAL LIFE — maker of mobile medical devices and other wireless health solutions — to offer wireless device monitoring and feedback through Sensei’s cloud-based mHealth platform, Sensei Connect, in addition to a suite of mobile health applications.

Integrated mHealth solutions stemming from the new partnership include things like integrated biometric devices such as blood glucose meters, blood pressure meters, scales, and pedometers, with all data being wirelessly and securely transmitted to IDEAL LIFE and pushed to Sensei’s secure platform.  From there it’s transmitted to the individual’s mobile phone, allowing real time tracking and feedback.  The result is seamless data tracking and provision of immediate feedback, education and guidance to “promote engagement, understanding and better health outcomes,” according to the companies.

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