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GSMA: mHealth Market Worth $23B by 2017

New research published recently by the GSMA suggests the market for mHealth will produce a revenue opportunity worth more than $23B by 2017.

The findings come as part of a new report published recently called ‘Touching Lives through Mobile Health: Assessment of the Global Market Opportunity.’  Conducted by PwC for the GSMA, the report looks at the key challenges the healthcare industry is facing worldwide and the opportunity mobile technology provides in overcoming these challenges.

The report says that despite advancements in medical technologies and a general increase in income levels, healthcare continues to pose challenges of affordability, complexity and access across the world, while in contrast, mobile access is almost ubiquitous.  With the increasing penetration of smartphones and new and innovative ‘connected devices’, and the proliferation of Mobile Broadband networks and services worldwide, mobile will play a far greater role in healthcare in both developed and developing countries in the future.

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“Electronic Skin” Tech Provides Breakthrough For Wearable, Remote Patient Monitoring

A new remote monitoring technology recently developed by healthcare researchers promises to seamlessly integrate the body with the surrounding electronic world via sensors that act as so-called “electronic skin.”

The technology, originally created to provide less obtrusive medical monitors for premature babies and other special-needs patients, has vast potential for integrating computers into the human body.  When coupled with smartphone apps, direct data connections to physicians and other digital healthcare systems, the potential to improve real-time and preventative care is extraordinary.  “This is a huge breakthrough,” says nanoengineer Michael McAlpine of Princeton University. “This goes beyond Dick Tracy calling someone with a cell phone on the wrist. It’s having the wrist itself house the device so it’s always with you.”

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Apps Should Add to (not Detract from) Patient-Doctor Interactions

Many of the applications that have accompanied the recent surge in mHealth apps available via smartphones are aimed at reducing hospital expenditures and how often a patient needs to visit a medical professional. However, not all applications are directed solely at the objective of aiding physicians and providing a supplement to doctor-patient interactions.

In fact, there are currently many applications on the market that have been developed as simple means of “diagnosing” a variety of ailments without a trip to the doctor, a presence which Dr. Omete, a rural medical practitioner condemns. He states that these applications are inherently flawed due to the fact that all bodies function slightly differently, and there is always uncertainty in medicine, meaning that no application can be programmed for the entire population.

Therefore, Omete emphasizes the need for developers to recognize the role of applications, not as a means of replacing visits to medical professionals, but instead as a means of reducing expenditures through functions such as increasing the ease with which doctors share information with other professionals or creating a closer relationship between the patient and doctor.

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