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App Allegedly Leaks Sensitive Medical Info

App Allegedly Leaks Sensitive Medical InfoProving once again that mHealth apps are not immune to security threats, iPharmacy is taking substantial heat today for purportedly leaking medical information online.

According to PCMag, which cites a report from Appthority, this app “has some serious problems.”

“For an app that has earned a top developer award from Google Play, [we] found it to be one of the top offenders when it comes to risky privacy behaviors for apps in the health or medical category,” explains Appthority Chief Architect and Co-Founder Kevin Watkins.

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ONC Debuts New Privacy & Security Initiative to Establish Mobile Healthcare Data Best Practices

A new initiative developed by the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology’s Office of the Chief Privacy Officer, working with the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights was launched recently to better understand the privacy and security implications of processing healthcare data via mobile devices.

The goal of the new initiative is to develop “an effective and practical way to bring awareness and understanding to those in the clinical sector to help them better secure and protect health information while using mobile devices.”

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2012 PHI Security Predictions: More Data Breaches, Litigation, Social Media Risks top the List

ID Experts, a Portland-based provider of data breach solutions, has published a new report entitled “Top 11 Trends for 2012 in Healthcare Data,” with many of which relating to mobile access to healthcare information and the security risks involved.

Before looking ahead to 2012, ID Experts offered their summary of the last 12 months by saying “2011 was the year when most physicians had mobile devices, when healthcare became one of the most-breached industries, and the Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights (OCR) cracked the whip with investigations and multi-million-dollar fines for organizations that didn’t meet their patient privacy obligations.”

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Healthcare Data Breaches Up by 32 Percent

Yesterday we covered a new report and survey sponsored recently from data security consulting firm ID Experts that details the growing trend of healthcare data breaches and security threats, despite improvements in policy management and training at healthcare organizations.

Today, new data was released showing data breaches are actually up 32 percent over last year.  For the study, senior personnel at 72 health care organizations in the administration, clinical, compliance, financial, privacy and security departments were interviewed, and found the three leading causes of increased breaches relate to lost or stolen equipment, errors by third parties and employee mistakes.  In fact, mistakes by employees have led to many data breach increases according to 41 percent of respondents.

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Survey: Though Policies & Training Improved, Health Data Still Not Better Protected Than a Year Ago

A new survey out recently by data breach and remediation firm ID Experts shows that while policies and training at healthcare organizations have improved, health data is still no better protected than it was a year ago.

In fact, the survey found that the frequency of breaches has actually increased over the past year, along with rising incidents of identity theft and poor control over mobile devices.  In addition, two-thirds of organizations surveyed don’t provide protection services to breach victims.  There may be a reason for this trend, however, as electronic health record adoption and migration to mobile computing devices inherently leads to increased security risks and breaches.

Based on interviews with about 300 officials at 72 provider organizations, mostly hospitals, the rate of breach reporting has actually improved, which could skew the actual increase in breaches.  Survey results also show that identity theft in health care is up 26 percent in a year, which is substantial considering the overall financial cost of compromised sensitive health information can be much higher than theft of financial data.

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Could Blackberry’s PlayBook Find a Place in Mobile Healthcare?

We’ve talked a lot about the role of tablet devices in the healthcare industry, with most of that discussion surrounding Apple’s iPad and its dominance so far.

With security being a primary concern, however, it’s been suggested that the largely ill-fated Blackberry PlayBook may see a resurgence within the healthcare industry.  In terms of deep mobile security integrations, RIM has always been known as a leader with its various smartphones and Blackberry Internet & Enterprise Service platforms.

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Voalte Launches Mobile Device Management & Security Platform For Hospitals

Florida-based Voalte, a company known for its mobile applications for nurses and clinicians, is teaming with a company called AirWatch, a maker of smartphone security and mobile device management solutions, to launch a platform designed to help administrators manage mobile devices throughout any building or campus.

The platform, dubbed “Voalte Connect,” gives administrators a platform to deploy, use and scale MDM solutions for enterprise-wide deployments.  The platform is designed to allow clinicians to send and receive presence-based text messages, make phone calls using the hospital’s VoIP system and receive critical care alarms on their iPhones, among other things.  The main benefit comes with the ability for any hospital or facility to manage all internal and personal mobile devices, such as smartphones, laptops and tablets, from a central and secure location.

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