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An Introduction to mHealthWatch from mobileStorm Founder Jared Reitzin [Video]

Wondering how mHealthWatch got its start?  Want to know how MHW grew out of the success of our sister site Mobile Marketing Watch?  Want to learn how to become a writer on MHW?

Jared Reitzin, the founder & CEO of our parent company mobileStorm, put together this short video post as an intro of why mHealthWatch was created, and the future value we hope to provide in reporting on the latest news, industry commentary, technology and devices within the laser focused mHealth industry.  As always, please provide us with any and all feedback on how we’re doing so far and what we can do to make the site the best mHealth resource on the Web.

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Introducing mHealthWatch.com

A post from mobileStorm CEO, Jared Reitzin

4 years ago when I bought mobilemarketingwatch.com (aka MMW) I wanted to give something back to the mobile community. I employed writers to write about anything they wanted as long as it provided businesses with news and information that would help their business grow. As consumers move to a smartphone-based society, businesses have to expand their knowledge about mobile and the many ways they can engage with their customers. Whether you’re a marketer trying to drive someone to make a purchase or a healthcare plan trying to keep your customers healthy to save money, mobile is the platform of choice for reaching your customers and influencing their behavior.

MMW started out as more of a hobby but the site quickly grew into not just the top mobile marketing blog in the U.S., but at the time of this writing is currently the eighty sixth highest ranked “marketing blog” in the U.S. according to AdAge’s Power 150, which ranks the top blogs and bloggers in advertising, marketing and media. At mobileStorm we are heavily invested in the healthcare space, recently developing a proprietary HIPAA-compliant secure mobile messaging platform called AppMail. The mHealth space is growing quickly, and very much like we created content for marketers, we wanted to create content for healthcare payers and providers that would help them understand where this exciting space is headed.

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