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Coming Soon: Ads on Wearables

Coming Soon Ads on WearablesAccording to AdWeek, programmatic advertising, best known for being used by desktop, tablet and smartphone marketers, is coming to the nascent wearables market.

FitAd, a wearables ad network, recently began facilitating automated promos for Amtrak’s Acela Express service to Eastern Seaboard golfers.  They are the first to test the ad net by running banners via Golfshot when golfers who have downloaded that mobile app onto their Sony or Samsung watches are between holes.

The app has an ad-supported free version and a paid option.

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Kaiser Permanente Launches 2014 Thrive Ads Campaign

Kaiser Permanente Launches 2014 Thrive Ads CampaignKaiser Permanente is gearing up again. As one of the nation’s largest health care providers, the company has chosen to focus its longest-running campaign on the accessibility of care online and in the doctor’s office in the latest round of Thrive advertisements.

The 2014 launch marks the 11th year of Kaiser Permanente’s Thrive ad campaign.

“In addition to three new television advertisements, the 2014 campaign features radio, print, online, and out-of-home ads that allow Kaiser Permanente to reach consumers where they spend the most time and in a targeted way,” a news release shared with mHealthWatch reads.

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TapSense Taking Mobile Advertising to Wearables

Image of the Pebble Watch, an early pioneer of smart, wearable technology.This week, TapSense – an independent advertising exchange – pushed mobile advertising further into the potentially lucrative waters of the wearables market.

The company announced support for wearables, including the Pebble smartwatch apps.

In short, this new feature provides wearable app developers with a new marketing channel, by allowing them to promote their apps directly through the TapSense exchange.

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Fitness Apps Not Committed To User Privacy

Fitness Apps Not Committed To User PrivacyAs many fitness app developers continue to look for ways to link their tracking capabilities to users’ health conditions, many concerns for user privacy naturally arise. While general and anonymous dietary and fitness habits may not be something that a typical individual will protest against being shared with others, the data these habits generate are of interest to many.

Aside from basic diet and exercise, many fitness apps track vital signs, gender, age, height and weight—the perfect information needed to successfully target users with an assortment of products and services.

The TOS of each fitness app varies, but users must check back frequently for changes and updates to privacy related amendments. An excellent example is the fitness app Moves. Originally their TOS stated that they would not share any user data with a third party, but it has now been revised to read as follows: “We may share information, including personally identifying information, with our affiliates.”

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Mobile Health Meets Mobile Advertising

Mobile Health Meets Mobile AdvertisingmHealthWatch was privy to a sneak peek at a new partnership confirmed publicly this morning by the team at Tapjoy, a thriving young mobile advertising network capable of reaching as many as 435 million mobile users monthly.

Nido Labs, creator of Alpha Trainer, one of the top-grossing fitness apps available, and Tapjoy will begin offering consumers a new way to get advanced 14-week workout programs directly to their mobile device.

The goal? Help users stay in shape and on budget.

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Hipcricket Providing Mobile Health Reminders to Oregon Residents

Hipcricket Helping Provide Mobile Health Reminders to Oregon ResidentsMobile advertising and marketing company Hipcricket announced it has teamed with longtime client Internet Sexuality Information Services, Inc., a national nonprofit organization.

Together they will provide mobile mHealth services via SMS text messaging, email and voice to Oregon residents so they can manage and prevent transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Through Hipcricket’s AD LIFE platform, the Oregon Health Authority have built an opt-in database for HIV/STD testing, medication and prescription refill reminders, as well as weekly educational health tips.
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Vodafone Probes mHealth Adoption Impediments in New Insights Guide

Vodafone – the British multinational telecommunications juggernaut – is rolling out the third chapter in its series of mHealth insights as part of its global mobile healthcare initiative.

Although mHealth is still a nascent industry, Vodafone has been active in healthcare for over a decade and established Vodafone mHealth Solutions in 2009.

Consequently, the new guide explores the myriad barriers to mHealth technology adoption that still exist. The report focuses on two prominent issues facing the mHealth industry: privacy and regulation.

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