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Accenture: Hospitals Engaging Just 2 Percent of Patients via Mobile Apps

Mobile_Health_Apps_highresNew research from Accenture reveals that just 2 percent of patients in the largest U.S. hospitals are currently using hospital-provided mobile health apps.

Accenture estimates that failure to align mobile apps to the services consumers’ demand could cost each of these hospitals, on average, more than $100 million in lost annual revenue, a report summary shared with MHW reads.

The research, which assessed mobile app use among the 100 largest U.S. hospitals, found that two-thirds (66 percent) of the 100 largest U.S. hospitals have mobile apps for consumers and roughly two-fifths (38 percent) of that subset have developed proprietary apps for their patients. However, only 11 percent of health systems offer patients proprietary apps that operate with at least one of the three functions that consumers demand most: access to medical records; the ability to book, change and cancel appointments; and the ability to request prescription refills electronically.

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eVisit Launches Telehealth App for iOS, Android

eVisit Launches Telehealth App for iOS, AndroideVisit, a telehealth company, tells mHealthWatch that they have just launched their mobile app for iOS and Android.

“In addition to the eVisit web app, eVisit’s new mobile app will let physicians provide remote video visits to their patients via mobile device,” a news release explains.

Participating physicians and their patients can download the app to their Apple and Android mobile devices to connect in real-time for diagnosis and treatment of a variety of medical issues.
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Phillips Joins The World Of App-Based Healthcare

Phillips Joins The World Of App-Based HealthcareWhile many app-based healthcare solutions are designed for telemedicine, Phillips has created an innovative ultrasound application designed to improve speed and efficiency when diagnosing patients with ultrasound in a clinical setting.

Ultrasound remains one of the most versatile first-line diagnostic tools, making Phillips’ Lumify portable ultrasound transductor and app a more convenient way of providing timely diagnostics. The app even integrates the diagnostic findings with patient profiles, which can be managed in a fully customizable online portal.

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New App Aims To Provide Life-Saving CPR Before First Responders Arrive

New App Aims To Provide Life-Saving CPR Before First Responders ArriveWhen a person has a heart attack, friends and family are often left feeling helpless while they wait for first responders to arrive. Since only a small percentage of the population is trained in CPR, even those who desperately want to help simply don’t know where to begin. It is for this reason that researchers in Sweden created the SMS Lifesavers app.

SMS Lifesavers is designed to locate local CPR trained volunteers in the near vicinity, who are able to immediately come to the aid of the victim. The app, Uncover California reports, utilizes GPS to identify volunteers, all of whom are trained in CPR, but are not necessarily medical professionals.

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Stride Making Strides to Go National

Stride Making Strides to Go NationalStride, which is billed as being a more affordable health insurance for independent contractors, freelancers, and the self-employed, is doing what it can to expand its company nationwide.

Currently available in California, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Texas, Illinois, and Pennsylvania, Stride has been so successful that they are trying to expand to bring service to freelancers throughout the entire United States.

To enable Stride to achieve this goal they have raised $13 million to date. Stride plans to use these funds in three ways. First, they plan to invest in good leaders in the company. Secondly, they plan to modernize and utilize their informational mobile app to its full potential. Finally, they plan to strengthen their financial guidance and consumer health programs to 365 days a year.

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New Software Aims to Make Solid Medical Research Easier to Access

New Software Aims to Make Solid Medical Research Easier to AccessIn a recent announcement, DatStat shared the release of their new generation of research software—Illume Next. Illume Next still provides the signature DatStat survey-based data technology and automation functions researchers require when conducting a study, but it takes things to the next level.

Illume Next is designed to be mobile friendly, to allow for both online and off-line data collection, and to provide for both email and text communication. The software is also integrated with other forms of technology popular in the research industry, including Apple’s ReaserchKit.

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New App Aims To Make Caregivers’ Lives Much Easier

New App Aims To Make Caregivers Lives Much EasierA new mHealth app called Wellzilla is now available to both professional and family caregivers. The app is designed as both a communication tool, as well as a platform through which caregivers can purchase all of the over-the-counter medical supplies they require.

When speaking of medical supplies required for hygiene and other Activities of Daily Living, supplies are more affordable in Wellzilla because the app cuts out the middle man. The app currently has over 40,000 medical supplies, some of which are as much as 80% cheaper than paying the full retail price.

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