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New App Aims To Provide Life-Saving CPR Before First Responders Arrive

New App Aims To Provide Life-Saving CPR Before First Responders ArriveWhen a person has a heart attack, friends and family are often left feeling helpless while they wait for first responders to arrive. Since only a small percentage of the population is trained in CPR, even those who desperately want to help simply don’t know where to begin. It is for this reason that researchers in Sweden created the SMS Lifesavers app.

SMS Lifesavers is designed to locate local CPR trained volunteers in the near vicinity, who are able to immediately come to the aid of the victim. The app, Uncover California reports, utilizes GPS to identify volunteers, all of whom are trained in CPR, but are not necessarily medical professionals.

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CareConnectors and VRI Team Up for Mobile Application Framework

CareConnectors and VRI Team Up for Mobile ApplicationAs consumer electronics manufacturers introduce more products that allow individuals to take control of their health, developers are simultaneously looking for frameworks that will integrate the capability of the devices to provide better solutions.

Not surprisingly, this dynamic is leading an explosion in opportunities and partnerships across the healthcare landscape today.

According to HealthTechZone, CareConnectors and VRI have created a mobile application framework for developers that will “unify, validate, monitor data sharing and exchange interface for home to telehealth monitoring.”

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SMS Service for Pregnant Women Launches in South Africa

SMS Service for Pregnant Women Launches in South AfricaA new mobile application, MomConnect, will allow all pregnant women in South Africa to sign up for a free SMS service which provides information and advice on pregnancy.

In addition, it can be used to notify the Department of Health about poor services at clinics.

According to a story at BizCommunity, the free program for pregnant mothers has been launched by the Department of Health, with funding from the U.S. government and Johnson & Johnson.

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Synergistic Alliance Provides Medication Dosage Insight Remotely

MedApps, Inc. has recently announced its alliance with MedMinder. This partnership is aimed at combining the two applications as a means of remotely monitoring patient response to treatment.

In order to do so, the alliance is creating an affordable, patient-centered remote medication management system. According to Founder and CEO or MedApps Kent Dicks, the hardest part of patient care is getting the patient to comply with the treatment.

Kent believes that MedApps partnership with MedMinder can help doctors and patients solve this issue. While MedApps is known for providing physicians with the biometric patient data they need in a timely manner, the addition of MedMinder attacks the issue from the patient side.

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Group Health App Voted Best Mobile App of the Year

TechFlash readers voted that Group Health Mobile was the best mobile application of 2011.

The app is free for both iPhones and Androids, and allows Group Health’s members to access several important features of the member website via one smartphone application.

One feature of the app is a symptom checker, through which members can answer a few questions to receive suggestions on what steps to take. However, if members are still uncertain of what to do, the application also offers access to a consultation nurse, giving patients 24/7 access to professional medical advice.

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iTriage Announces Integration With Microsoft HealthVault PHRs

The folks behind iTriage, the popular mHealth consumer application, have announced a new integration with HealthVault, Microsoft’s digital Personal Health Record (PHR) platform.

Touted as the first and only “one-stop health app,” iTriage bills itself as the world leader in “symptom-to-provider” pathway technology, allowing users to not only find out what’s wrong with them, but also where to go for treatment.  The integration with PHRs will round out its functionality to create a pretty powerful end-to-end mHealth consumer application, with HealthVault integration likely the first of many.

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Study: WellDoc DiabetesManager Cut Hospital & ER Visits in Half

Through a demonstration project for patients with type 2 diabetes, it was discovered that the use of WellDoc’s DiabetesManager device significantly reduced their need for hospital stays and emergency room (ER) visits.

The project, dubbed “DC HealthConnect,” was part of the Chronic Care Initiative sponsored by the DC Department of Health (DOH) and was conducted by the George Washington University Medical Center.  It was found that patients using WellDoc for an average of 12 months reduced their ER visits and hospital stays by 58 percent compared to the 12 months prior to the program.

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