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Record Number of mHealth Devices to Ship in Next 5 Years

Record Number of mHealth Devices to Ship in Next 5 Years   Mobile Devices mhealth devices mHealth A new ABI Research report projects that there will be nearly 100 million health monitoring devices shipped over the next five years.

According to the report, this growth is driven by several factors:

  • Apple, Google, and Samsung entering the mobile health market
  • An increasing ability to collect health care data through various devices and share that data with health care providers and payers
  • Consumers’ growing interest in and awareness of how mobile health devices can improve patient care and bolster health-related activities.

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Urban Communities Prefer Text Messages for Survey

Urban Communities Prefer Text Messages for Survey   urban areas text messages sms Mobile Devices mobile mHealth Results from a pilot study published last week by the researchers at the University of Michigan Medical School demonstrated that among low-income urban African-Americans in Detroit, “text messaging is not only acceptable and feasible but is the preferred method of collecting real-time survey data” over other methods of survey including paper, phone, internet, and in-person.

The survey used in the study consisted of 14 hypothetical medical scenarios – 10 questions reflected 10 leading reasons for urgent outpatient medical visits, 4 questions reflected extreme scenarios. For example, as a follow to, “You slipped in the bathroom, injured your back, it hurts to lie down and when you bend over or twist”, participants were asked to choose between visit emergency department or ask primary care doctor or do nothing. Four weeks after the paper survey was completed, identical questions were asked by text messages. These included two text message sent per day at different times of day for 6 weeks. Each question was sent six times: twice during regular hours (8 am-4 pm), twice during off hours (5 pm-7 am) and twice during the weekend. The participant’s response was followed by a question seeking a free text explanation for the choice made.

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Utah Honors Its Veterans By Making Quality Healthcare Easier To Achieve

Utah Honors Its Veterans By Making Quality Healthcare Easier To Achieve   Utah telemedicine mobile tech Mobile Devices While the VA center is available to veterans, many are left traveling long distances to achieve the medical care they require. It is for this reason that Utah’s VA Primary Care Center in Glens Falls has introduced a genetic disease telemedicine program, which in many cases eliminates the 2,200 drive to Salt Lake City, or to Stratton VA Medical Center in Albany.

Licensed practical nurses go to the homes of Glens Falls vets who require genetic disease healthcare (using mobile medical devices). This includes a specialized computer system that has a high powered camera which allows Salt Lake City physicians to video conference with their patients, examine the patient’s skin close up, as well as an advanced electronic stethoscope.

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Headache Diary Apps NOT Evidence Based

Headache Diary Apps NOT Evidence Based   Mobile Devices mobile applications headaches app There is a severe lack of quality headache diary apps according to a new systematic rigorous review published last month by researchers from IWK Health Centre in Halifax, Cananda.Headache sufferers are typically recommended to use a diary to record headache events. The researchers examined the apps on the basis of 7 criteria that they developed. An ideal headache diary app, in their judgment, should – “be created with clinical and/or scientific headache expertise, have undergone testing to ensure the diary is a feasible and reliable method of data collection, measure clinically relevant headache variables, be usable, include customizable answer options and reports, include reports linking multiple variables, and have the ability to export headache data from the app.”

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Allegheny Valley Hospital Implements Telemedicine

Allegheny Valley Hospital Implements Telemedicine   tablets smartphones paramedics Mobile Devices According to WESA, Allegheny Valley Hospital has implemented telemedicine practices by allowing paramedics response units to use iPads to connect patients to physicians by video.

“Our hopes are that it will result in a more aggressive treatment plan in the field, direct the patient to the most appropriate hospital based on their condition or injury, and the final result is that we have higher survival rates,” said Jeff Polana, director of pre-hospital operations for Allegheny Valley Hospital. He adds that the new visual and audio connection between patients and physicians eliminates many problems paramedics and EMT’s faced before.

Gary Cockroft, paramedic, said that “Paramedics were often limited by their ability to describe patient symptoms over the phone and had a hard time conveying just how serious conditions were. Now that the physician’s able to see the patient, they can decide for themselves how great the symptoms are.”

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CarePass to be Phased Out

CarePass to be Phased Out   Mobile Devices mHealth health data management Aetna Last year Aetena launched their CarePass consumer website and mobile solution as part of its “What’s Your Healthy?” national campaign. However, the insurer has decided to phase out CarePass by the end of 2014.

“At this time, we have decided to make no further investments in the CarePass platform,” said Cynthia Michener, spokeswoman for Aetna. Current CarePass users will still have access to the platform for the time being and until its planned closing at the end of the year.

CarePass was designed for users to create, track, and achieve their health goals as well as featured a catalog of more than 20 health apps.

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mHealth App Reduces Fatigue and Improves Sleep and Healthy Behavior in Pilots

mHealth App Reduces Fatigue and Improves Sleep and Healthy Behavior in Pilots   Mobile Devices mHealth app mHealth fatigue apps app According to a study published this week by Dutch researchers in Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health, the MORE Energy mHealth intervention led to reduction in fatigue and improvement in health-related behavior (physical activity and snacking behavior) and sleep (sleep quality) in 502 pilots of an international airline, potentially increasing pilot performance capability and aircraft safety. The randomized 6-month study compared minimal intervention with actionable and tailored advice through MORE Energy App. The authors concluded that customized advice through an App might be an effective strategy to help employees cope with irregular working hours that disrupt normal circadian rhythms.

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