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Teladoc Services Enter New Market

Teladoc Services Enter New MarketOn Wednesday, Teladoc — billed as the nation’s first and largest telehealth provider — announced its long-awaited arival in a new market.

Idahoans will now have access to the company’s “high-quality, cost-effective telehealth services.”

In a move to create increased access to health care services, the Idaho legislature passed the Idaho Telehealth Access Act in April 2015, reestablishing telemedicine access by allowing a physician and patient to connect via a two-way audio and visual interaction.
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Phillips Joins The World Of App-Based Healthcare

Phillips Joins The World Of App-Based HealthcareWhile many app-based healthcare solutions are designed for telemedicine, Phillips has created an innovative ultrasound application designed to improve speed and efficiency when diagnosing patients with ultrasound in a clinical setting.

Ultrasound remains one of the most versatile first-line diagnostic tools, making Phillips’ Lumify portable ultrasound transductor and app a more convenient way of providing timely diagnostics. The app even integrates the diagnostic findings with patient profiles, which can be managed in a fully customizable online portal.

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Is Text Messaging The Future of Blood Drives?

Is Text Messaging The Future of Blood DrivesAccording to a new report from our sister site Mobile Marketing Watch, SMS may hold the key to boosting blood donations.

Per the details shared, blood donation rates are actually on the decline in developed nations around the world. It is for this reason that the Stockholm blood service in Sweden decided to turn to modern mobile communication to let donors know the impact they are making with their donation.

After someone donates blood, they probably never give it a second thought. While patient privacy must be protected, this is not to say that a donor cannot be made aware of when their blood has been used by a recipient.

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Stride Making Strides to Go National

Stride Making Strides to Go NationalStride, which is billed as being a more affordable health insurance for independent contractors, freelancers, and the self-employed, is doing what it can to expand its company nationwide.

Currently available in California, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Texas, Illinois, and Pennsylvania, Stride has been so successful that they are trying to expand to bring service to freelancers throughout the entire United States.

To enable Stride to achieve this goal they have raised $13 million to date. Stride plans to use these funds in three ways. First, they plan to invest in good leaders in the company. Secondly, they plan to modernize and utilize their informational mobile app to its full potential. Finally, they plan to strengthen their financial guidance and consumer health programs to 365 days a year.

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Fruit Street Health Picks New Partner for Wearables, Mobile Push

Fruit Street Health Picks New Partner for Wearables, Mobile PushmHealthWatch has learned that Fruit Street Health has tapped Validic’s digital health platform to access more than 175 wearable devices and applications into its telehealth software, personal health record and HIPAA compliant video conferencing platform.

If you’re not familiar, Fruit Street licenses its telehealth software to private practice healthcare providers and health systems.

This arrangement, the company explains, enables said providers and health systems to do HIPAA-compliant video consultations in addition to monitoring the lifestyles of their patients with wearable devices and mobile applications.
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Android-Owning Patients Can Now Use TouchCare Tool

Android-Owning Patients Can Now use TouchCare ToolTouchCare is out with another product update that should make Android users happy.

The update in question makes it even easier for physicians, healthcare providers and their patients “to use their smartphones to quickly and easily connect for remote video calls anytime, anywhere.”

And now, that includes iOS as well as Android users.
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Fitbit to the Rescue? Northwestern University Medicine to Launch Tracking Study of Spine Surgery Recovery

Fitbit to the Rescue Northwestern University Medicine to Launch Tracking Study of Spine Surgery RecoveryIt’s a study that could tell surgeons a lot about what happens to people both before and after minimally invasive spine surgery.

Using Fitbit trackers, Zachary Smith, MD, an assistant professor in Neurological Surgery at Northwestern University, will soon launch a study to monitor patient physical activity.

It’s designed to help doctors better predict recovery times for patients who undergo the spine surgery.

“During the four weeks before a surgery and for six months afterward, the Fitbits will capture personal data on a patient’s steps and activity levels,” according to a university release.

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