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HCSC Launches New Wellness App

HCSC Launches New Wellness App   mHealth Health Care Service Corporation HCSC Centered According to the latest industry data, 60 percent of U.S. adults report routinely monitoring their weight, diet, exercise, sleep patterns and more.

Now, one company is “opening that window even wider” with the launch of a new wellness app integrating physical activity tracking with clinically based meditation sessions for stress management.

Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC), the nation’s largest customer-owned health insurer, is behind the app in question called Centered, a free app availablefor iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

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Allscripts Brings New Developer Portal to Health 2.0

Allscripts Brings New Developer Portal to Health 2.0   mHealth Health 2.0 Allscripts Last week at Health 2.0, Allscripts — a health IT solutions provider focused on population health management adoption – showed off its new Developer Portal which was used by Code-A-Thon attendees to integrate with Allscripts solutions.

“The new Developer Portal allows developers to work with APIs to build a prototype before they commit to joining the full Allscripts Developer Program,” Stanley Crane, Chief Innovation Officer and General Manager of Allscripts’ Open Business Unit, tells mHealthWatch. “Enabling developers to test out the functionality first will accelerate the pace at which companies can bring the best new innovation to our client base.”

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Apple Gets Back to Approving HealthKit Apps

Apple Gets Back to Approving HealthKit Apps   mobile health mHealth iOS 8 HealthKit apple Following some unexpected glitches and subsequent delays in the first wave launch of HealthKit apps for iOS 8, it now appears that Apple managed to work out the bugs.

Shortly the September 17th release of iOS 8, Apple was compelled to yank all HealthKit-related iOS apps from the App Store.

A number of eleventh-hour issues were reportedly to blame for the decision.
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INetU Brings HIPAA Compliance Dashboard to Health 2.0

INetU Brings HIPAA Compliance Dashboard to Health 2.0   mHealth INetU HIPAA Compliance Dashboard Health 2.0 cloud This week at Health 2.0, INetU — a customer-centric cloud company – showed off its new HIPAA Compliance Dashboard to those in attendance at the conference.

Ahead of the demonstration, mHealthWatch caught up with David Fowler, VP of Marketing at INetU, to discuss his company’s latest offering and the role INetU looks to play in the healthcare space moving forward.

“INetU has over 17 years of experience hosting HIPAA compliant applications and has invested considerably to help healthcare software solution providers comply with all facets of the regulations when it comes to application hosting,” Fowler tells mHealthWatch. “By relying on the INetU cloud environment, healthcare solution providers can more quickly ensure HIPAA compliance without having to outlay huge capital investments in technology and internal expertise.  Furthermore, the trained experts at INetU can act as trusted advisors in understanding new requirements and preparing for architectural changes that could help limit local access to data.”

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mHealth: The Week’s Top Stories

mHealth: The Week’s Top Stories   telemedicine mobile health mHealth healthcare Here are some of the top stories in healthcare, telemedicine, and mobile health that we’ve been monitoring this past week.

On Monday, during his Health 2.0 keynote address, Dr. Eric Topol — Editor-in-Chief of Medscape and Chief Academic Officer of Scripps Health – drew attention to what he calls the democratization of medicine (i.e.., cutting edge digital health technologies impacting the relationship between patients and their physicians).

Acupera, a health care technology company, provides a population health and care coordination platform for medical centers to more “effectively manage” their patient population. On Monday, mHealthWatch caught up with Acupera CEO and Founder Dr. Ron Razmi to discuss the future of population health and the role his company intends to play in the evolution of the healthcare tech industry.

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Opinion: Sometimes The Best Choice is the Simplest One

Opinion: Sometimes The Best Choice is the Simplest One   opinion Nuance mHealth ICD 10 The following is a guest contributed post from Dr. Nick van Terheyden, Nuance CMIO.

Over the weekend, CMS announced that the Meaningful Use Stage 2 deadline will be extended through 2016 in order to offer more options and greater flexibility to providers for the certified use of EHRs.  In the interest of full disclosure, I found the timing to be strange— a rule published over a holiday weekend seems an odd choice, particularly when it is being touted as a benefit to the industry and the impact on healthcare provider organizations and clinicians, alike, is monumental.

Unfortunately, I think the additional flexibility allotted by this rule is the latest example of the unintended consequences of health IT regulations.  In an effort to make things easier and give healthcare providers more leeway, they have, in fact, made the situation unnecessarily more complex.
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Augmented Interactive Reality Gets Real at Health 2.0

Augmented Interactive Reality Gets Real at Health 2.0   Sina Fateh mHealth Health 2.0 Augmented Interactive Atheer Sina Fateh, executive vice president at Atheer Labs in Mountain View, California, has been described as an “entrepreneur at heart.”

With years of experience in the fields of human vision augmentation and wearable eye display, not to mention intellectual property management, ample hype has surrounded Fateh this week at Health 2.0.

The Atheer exec was tapped to present Atheer’s Augmented Interactive Reality (AiR) at this week’s conference.

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