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San Antonio Doctor Prescribes Cutting Edge Treatment for Back and Spine

san-antonio-doctor-prescribes-cutting-edge-treatment-for-back-and-spineFor those living with it, back pain can be a nightmare. But deep in the heart of Texas, one doctor’s efforts could turn a nightmare into a dream come true.

Seeking a safer and more technologically advanced answer for back pain that chiropractic care pain meds, physical therapy and even spinal fusion in extreme cases, Dr. Dmitry Buyanov is making headlines this week.

A spine and back specialist, Dr. Buyanov understands the fears and concerns of patients when it comes to surgery for the spine. And he’s working toward an alternative to those methods of treatment and care.
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Ortele Health Augments Specialty Telemedicine Solutions

Ortele Health Augments Specialty Telemedicine SolutionsmHealthWatch has learned that Ortele Health has just launched its 7th specialty telemedicine solution.

The company, we’re told, continues to “aim for excellence” in healthcare by providing patients with a convenient, secure and clinically informative video encounter via their complete telemedicine delivery solution.

Ortele Health provides a live, two-way video portal to connect provider and patient regardless of geographic location. Ortele Health’s remote physical exam is supported by ancillary services such as onsite medical personnel, imaging or other diagnostic tools which allow our board-certified specialists to treat a wide variety of conditions.

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Keystone Technologies Releases Guide to Resident Engagement Technology

Choosing-resident-engagement-technology-coverKeystone Technologies, a force in health IT and senior care technology solutions, shared with MHW on Wednesday that it is publishing a guide to resident engagement technology in senior care communities.

The e-book, Choosing Resident Engagement Technology, is available for free download now.

“Engaged senior care community residents are happy and satisfied residents,” a statement from the Keystone crew reads. “Yet, not every resident will join in an active programming calendar and can be prone to loneliness and isolation. Resident engagement technology, which could include smartphones, tablets, email, and social media, can help residents feel connected to neighbors within their senior care community, a global community, or a community somewhere in between.”

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mHealth News: Here’s What Happened This Week

Here are some of the top stories in healthcare, telemedicine, and mobile health that we have been monitoring this past week.

Report: Telemedicine Remains a Mystery to a Large Number of Tech Savvy Consumers
Ready for one of the most surprising healthcare industry stats you’re bound to hear this week?

HealthTap’s Digital Healthcare Network Now Tops 100,000 Doctors
mHealthWatch learned Tuesday that HealthTap‘s network of U.S. licensed doctors has grown to more than 100,000.
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Access Healthcare Aims to Bring Efficiency and Automation to Revenue Cycle Management

Access Healthcare Aims to Bring Efficiency and Automation to Revenue Cycle ManagementAccess Healthcare, a provider of end-to-end healthcare revenue cycle services, has enabled new performance gains in revenue cycle management (RCM) by increasing efficiency through best practice process and the introduction of automation in it’s arc.in platform, a news release shared with MHW explains.

Access Healthcare’s mission is to bring excellence back to revenue cycle management by leveraging best practices in three areas: People, Process, and Technology.

The arc.in platform is an integrated set of applications that have operationalized Access Healthcare’s best practices across all RCM processes. Three main areas include Workflow and Reporting, Operations Dashboard, and Knowledge Management. The technology simplifies and streamlines the process, completely digitizing the cycle from end to end, and provides complete transparency between Access Healthcare and its customers.

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Kaiser Permanente Opening National School of Medicine in 2019

Kaiser Permanente Opening National School of Medicine in 2019Kaiser Permanente announced plans this week to open the Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine in 2019.

The effort, we’re told, is part of the organization’s ongoing effort to “lead in meeting America’s demands for 21st-century health care.”

Extending the innovation of the Kaiser Permanente approach to patient health and care, the school will redesign physician education around strategic pillars that include providing high-quality care beyond traditional medical settings, acknowledging the central importance of collaboration and teamwork to inform treatment decisions, and addressing disparities in health.

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Navigating the Sea of Innovation: Targeting the Right Audience with the Right Tools

Navigating the Sea of Innovation Targeting the Right Audience with the Right ToolsThe following is a guest contributed post from AirStrip Chief Operating Officer Nancy Pratt.

We are currently at a crossroads in the healthcare industry. Executives are working overtime to try to figure out how to connect and integrate data to best support clinical practice and patient care management. With health systems concerned about balancing both needs, they now need to figure out how to leverage data to get the best value out of their investment. Improvement and innovation in technology are slowly but surely enhancing the industry, but health systems are constantly being assaulted with software companies trying to sell them something. Thus, healthcare executives are left with the eternal question: Which pieces fit together best to create value and improve patient care?

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