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Workplace Wellness: Gamified Dieting for a Healthier, Wealthier Holiday & New Year

The following is a guest contributed post by Merilee Kern, MBA.

Even during the gluttonous holidays and into the New Year “diet resolution” season, weight loss doesn’t have to be a difficult or costly workplace wellness endeavor. It can actually be quite profitable for the participants, themselves. One organization founded on much obesity and incentivization research, HealthyWage.com, has found a way to help dieters overcome their short-term financial woes and spur weight loss from the start, all boosting business bottom lines, by applying “double-incentivization” methodology.

The company’s various diet-for-dollars program–team-based challenges and other–allows participants to make a wager upfront tied to their intended weight-loss, for which they’ll receive a cash prize payout if they achieve their goal in the allotted time.

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OPINION: Finding Balance in Chaos

The following blog entry — “Finding Balance in Chaos” — is contributed by Aparna Bala, a registered nurse and Clinical Transformation Consultant for AirStrip.

The role of a nurse is a complex one. Not only is this individual responsible for the physical bedside care of multiple patients, but may also be called upon to offer emotional support for patients and their families. While this is an absolute honor and a privilege, it can also be emotionally draining and lead to burnout syndrome or compassion fatigue. In order to ensure that patients receive the highest quality care, we must make sure that nurses have support for their own emotional well-being.

Seek Closure

One of the most difficult situations a nurse can experience is losing a patient. No matter the situation or how long the patient was under a nurse’s care, it is hard to ignore the fear that something more could have been done. With the introduction of technology and a digital record of a patient’s stay, care teams now have objective data that can be reviewed and assessed after an incident. Simply knowing what exactly happened can relieve an element of stress, because the unknown is often more terrifying.

By reviewing these records as a team, nurses also benefit from an objective, clinical process that removes the emotional chaos. Instead of wondering whether it was an isolated event that caused the patient to deteriorate or a symptom that had been trending for days, nurses can find emotional support from leadership and peers. By using these sessions as learning experiences and refusing to point blame at any one individual, these reviews can foster positive physician-nurse collaboration, building a foundation of trust for an environment where both parties can confidently work side by side.

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The Unseen War Still Waging Inside The Minds Of Many Veterans

PTSDbrain1The following is a guest contributed post to MHW By Daniel G. Amen, M.D., and Max Cleland.

Most people probably think wars end when the shooting stops.

But that’s not the case for those who do the fighting. For them, the war lives on long after they return home and try to resume normal lives.

One of us, Max Cleland, knows from experience. He lost both legs and his right arm to a grenade explosion in Vietnam in the 1960s. Even after the physical injuries healed, even after the rehabilitation was over, the emotional anguish continued. And in truth, nearly 50 years later, that aspect still hasn’t completely healed.

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Op-Ed: Adapting to the New Wave of Nursing

Online Education Addressing Need for More NursesThe following is a guest contributed post from Aparna Bala, AirStrip’s Clinical Transformation Consultant.

Much of how we approach healthcare improvements today is focused on physicians.  At first blush, this makes sense since traditionally they are perceived as key decision makers.  But, it is important to remember that patient care is delivered by collaborative clinical team – including nurses.

As the American Association of Colleges of Nursing notes, nursing is the nation’s largest health care profession, and registered nurses comprise one of the largest segments of the U.S. workforce as a whole. Additionally, the role of nursing in care delivery is growing at the same time that healthcare is experiencing a nurse shortage. Nurses now juggle several fundamental responsibilities including coordinating care, administering medications, interpreting patient diagnostics information, and directing/supervising care. These individuals care for a caseload of anywhere from 1 to 15 patients during an 8-12 hour shift.

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Looking Ahead in 2016: More Consumerism and Innovation, Less Gadgets, Still Not Enough Interoperability

Looking Ahead in 2016 More Consumerism and Innovation, Less Gadgets, Still Not Enough InteroperabilityThe following is a guest contributed post from AirStrip President Matt Patterson.

With a new year just getting started, most realists recognize that for all intents and purposes ACA is here to stay. No matter what discourse has transpired or how the next presidential election turns out, we are down a path of value-based care with no turning back. With that in mind, 2016 will see consumers having no other choice but to get more involved in their healthcare spend. Many more people are now insured, and benefit designs increasingly place more burden on the consumer to understand what’s covered, what’s not, and how best to spend their healthcare dollars.

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Op-Ed: A Perfect Pair: The Right Health IT, for the Right Job

Op Ed A Perfect Pair The Right Health IT, for the Right JobThe following is a guest contributed post from Jonathon Dreyer, director of cloud and mobile solutions marketing at Nuance.

I’ve worked in the healthcare industry for many years, and the ways consumer trends shape health IT design have always interested me.  Working for a company that represents both industries is an exciting place to be, but has also underlined the fact that there are fundamental differences between the two types of technologies. And, when it comes to clinical speech recognition, accuracy and personal health information security are extremely important.

Health IT goes to medical school, too

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Opinion: How Many Roles Does ICD-10 Require Healthcare Leaders to Play?

Opinion How Many Roles Does ICD-10 Require Healthcare Leaders to PlayThe following is a guest contributed post from Bonnie Cassidy of Nuance.

The last twelve months leading up to the ICD-10 transition have been a whirlwind.  In fact, as I look back, I am in slight disbelief that ICD-10 is actually about to happen. At times, it has seemed a near impossible feat, while at other times, it’s been extremely exciting.  The amount of drama wrapped in this transition is worthy of the silver screen: full of politics, twists, and unexpected turns.

It has also put the spotlight on HIM professionals and has required leaders in the space to take center stage.  So I asked Laura Rizzo, Director of Health Information Management, at WellSpan Health, which fictional leader she most closely identifies with while at work?

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