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Op-Ed: Pioneering Good Health IT Design

Op-Ed Pioneering Good Health IT DesignThe following is a guest contributed post from Jonathon Dreyer, director of cloud and mobile solutions marketing for Nuance’s healthcare division.

I grew up during the era when PC video gaming was gaining popularity.  It was an exciting time when trail-blazing designers and developers created masterpieces like the Oregon Trail, forcing school children everywhere to decide whether to ford the river, or caulk and float their wagons across it—and, most importantly, learn what those phrases meant.  It also taught the importance of anticipating and preparing for the unexpected: dialog boxes seemed to constantly interrupt game play and announce a drought or another bout of dysentery. The game was an endless maze of unknowns, which was scary when you were just trying to get your family and animals safely, and healthily, to new land.

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Op-Ed on ICD-10: ‘We As an Industry Need to Look at Our Preparedness’

Op-Ed on ICD-10 'We As an Industry Need to Look at Our Preparedness'The following is an exclusive guest contributed post for MHW from Karen England, revenue cycle consultant for Ingenious Med.

I’m hosting a series of webinars on ICD-10 and, believe it or not, something I get asked a lot is, “Why?”

Given the delays and rumors circulating around U.S. adoption of the international classification standard, it’s a fair question. However this year, key members of the health subcommittee have said they see no reason for further delay, and the recent end-to-end test completed by Medicare was a great success. So this might finally be it, which makes now the best time to review your processes, determine what will be impacted, and make improvements.

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Op-Ed: Can the Cloud Make it Rain Cost Savings?

Op-Ed Can the Cloud Make it Rain Cost SavingsThe following is a guest contributed post from Karen Holzberger, Vice President and General Manager for Diagnostics at Nuance.

The significant financial challenges facing the healthcare industry are nothing short of intimidating. In addition to the millions of Baby Boomers now eligible for Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act, Meaningful Use regulations, and ICD-10 transition, just to name a few, have created a running expense tab for healthcare organizations, and no one with the resources to pay the bill. In fact, a study from the The Advisory Board states that hospitals that continue operating at their current pace could face as much as a 19 percent drop in profit margin over the next 10 years.

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Op-Ed: Would You Swipe Left on a Healthier You?

Op-Ed Would You Swipe Left on a Healthier YouThe following is a guest contributed post by Dr. Nick van Terheyden, Chief Medical Information Officer for Nuance.

It’s always comical to watch movies from the 1980s, not only for the distinct style choices that typified that decade, but to see the type of technology most of us can still recall using. It’s nearly impossible to believe we used to happily lug around three pound mobile phones with antennas and back-up battery packs, but they offered a convenience the likes of which we had never seen before. While heading to the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), one of the most prominent tradeshows in the tech industry, I couldn’t help but think about the pace of change and get excited about the digital health innovations that will be showcased.

We tend to take for granted the conveniences and time-saving effects such innovation has on our lives.  Prior to the pervasiveness of mobile technology, if you were walking down the street and you saw someone collapse, you would need to find the nearest store or phone booth to call for help. In fact, most of us probably knew which corners on our daily commute had pay phones. Now, even if you’ve left your phone in the car (an unthinkable these days) you can comfortably rely on the fact that someone nearby will have theirs in the case of an emergency.

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Opinion: Sometimes The Best Choice is the Simplest One

Opinion Sometimes The Best Choice is the Simplest OneThe following is a guest contributed post from Dr. Nick van Terheyden, Nuance CMIO.

Over the weekend, CMS announced that the Meaningful Use Stage 2 deadline will be extended through 2016 in order to offer more options and greater flexibility to providers for the certified use of EHRs.  In the interest of full disclosure, I found the timing to be strange— a rule published over a holiday weekend seems an odd choice, particularly when it is being touted as a benefit to the industry and the impact on healthcare provider organizations and clinicians, alike, is monumental.

Unfortunately, I think the additional flexibility allotted by this rule is the latest example of the unintended consequences of health IT regulations.  In an effort to make things easier and give healthcare providers more leeway, they have, in fact, made the situation unnecessarily more complex.
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