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Optum Announces $250 Million Fund to Invest in ‘Next Generation of Health Care Innovation’

Optum, the health services business of UnitedHealth Group, announced today the creation of Optum Ventures, a $250 million venture fund focused on investing in startup and early-stage companies whose innovations will help advance the health care system.

If you’re not familiar, Optum Ventures invests in digital health companies that use data and insights to help improve consumers’ access to health care services and how care is delivered and paid for, and that make the health care system more reliable and easier to navigate.

Entrepreneurs working with Optum Ventures gain more than capital investment. They gain strategic guidance to support development and growth from a vast network of experts and relationships. Optum’s unparalleled health care assets and analytics capabilities provide a unique proving ground to research, test and innovate new solutions in collaboration with Optum’s broad and long-standing relationships and knowledge of how health care systems work and perform.

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What Brings the Connected Health Summit to San Diego?

What Brings the Connected Health Summit to San DiegoOn Thursday, as the Connected Health Summit kicks into full gear in San Diego (and mHealthWatch is out in full force covering the event on the ground), those behind the inaugural summit are making it clear why the Golden Coast is playing host to the Connected Health Summit.

New digital health research from Parks Associates shows nearly 50% of California broadband households have used at least one online service offered by their doctors, compared to 42% nationally.

That information was announced ahead of the start of today’s Summit, which spans two days at the Omni Hotel in San Diego.
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UnitedHealth Group Forms Strategic Partnerships with mHealth Technology Providers

It was announced today that UnitedHealth Group, the organization overseeing both health insurer UnitedHealthcare and health IT provider Optum, has formed strategic partnerships with three mobile health IT firms that all offer mobile products and services designed to help improve consumers’ health and well-being.

The three companies forging the partnership with UnitedHealth include CareSpeak Communication, “Lose it!,” and Fitbit.  Like most large healthcare organizations today, UnitedHealth Group is seeking innovative companies that “help simplify the consumer healthcare experience by making relevant, practical information easier to access by using consumer-friendly technology devices such as smartphones and other mobile devices.”  Here’s a brief overview of each of the three companies forging the alliance with UnitedHealth — all of which will also be presenting at UnitedHealth’s booth during CES this week. . .

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