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Infographic: Are You Ready for Sensors in Healthcare?

Infographic Are You Ready for Sensors in HealthcareFrom wearables to ingestibles, mobile health devices and sensors have become so intricate and advanced that some healthcare industry professionals are beginning to ask a critically important question: Are patients ready for a flood of sensors in healthcare?

To help highlight this growing trend, the team at Pathfinder Software has produced a new infographic illustrating just how elaborate and sophisticated sensors have become, all for the purpose of providing more effective and efficient healthcare.

But are you ready for what’s to come? To better anticipate the arrival of healthcare’s next-wave of pint-sized innovation, check out the fascinating visual shared below.

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Infographic: Health Trackers Are Everywhere

Infographic Health Trackers Are EverywhereThe “Tracking Health Trackers” infographic produced by Pathfinder Software is showcasing the ballooning rate of quantified self tracking today.

According to the data presented, 70 percent of physicians indicate that they have patients who now collect personal health measurement data for their doctor’s review.

“Self-tracking is already a part of the care paradigm and its prevalence is going to accelerate rapidly as digital connection, payment reform, and outcome-focused delivery make advances,” says James Avallone of Manhattan Research, the firm that conducted the survey revealing the astonishing facts presented below.

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