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Leading Health Systems Join the AvaSys Revolution in Patient Monitoring

hospitalOn Monday, mHealthWatch learned that AvaSure is adding more of the nation’s leading academic and not-for-profit community medical centers to its roster of clients.

Each of these centers of excellence “has decided in the past several weeks to adopt the company’s AvaSys TeleSitter Solution,” which is described as being a system for remote video and audio monitoring of patients at risk of falling and other self-harm.

AvaSys allows clinicians to see and hear patients around-the-clock from a central monitoring station. Trained monitoring staff anticipate patient needs, identify risky situations and intervene using two-way audio to keep a patient safe while floor staff are alerted.

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Patient Monitoring Leader Secures Contract with Novation

Patient Monitoring Leader Secures Contract with NovationOn Tuesday, Nihon Kohden, a U.S. market leader in patient monitoring, sleep assessment, neurology and cardiology instrumentation solutions, had some news to share with mHealthWatch.

The organization has entered into a three-year, “dual-source agreement” to provide sleep assessment, neurodiagnostic services and equipment for Novation.

Novation, if you’re not familiar, is a leading health care services company.
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mHealth Bracelets Deemed ‘Critical’ for Post-Surgical Cardiac Patients

mHealth Bracelets Deemed 'Critical' for Post-Surgical Cardiac PatientsmHealth bracelets are proving to be of critical importance to post-surgical cardiac patients, according to a recent study from the Mayo Clinic.

Bracelets comparable to those that first emerged in the “Livestrong” era are resurfacing in the mHealth space today.

“No longer just a tool for athletes or athletic trainees, these bands are making their way into the world of patient recovery as well,” says Alyssa Clark of Health Care Global.

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ActiveCare Acquires 4G Biometrics to Boost Diabetes Management Solutions

It’s been announced that ActiveCare, a provider of telehealth and Personal Emergency Response (PER) solutions has entered an agreement to acquire 4G Biometrics — a company who’s technology helps healthcare and insurance providers, as well as employers, manage risk and reduce costs associated with employees diagnosed with diabetes.

Diabetes management, and chronic care management in general, remains a huge issue that mobile and digital technologies are aiming to streamline.  Diabetes trails only cardiovascular disease as the most expensive disease to treat.  4G Biometrics helps people with Diabetes manage their disease and avoid acute events that cost healthcare and insurance providers millions of dollars per year by providing near-real-time blood glucose monitoring through Bluetooth-enabled devices.  When specific data points with any irregularities are spotted, the information is instantly communicated to individuals/care providers based on profiles defined by medical providers.

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AT&T and Intuitive Health to Pilot Remote Patient Monitoring Solution to Help Reduce Hospital Readmissions

Helping reduce hospital readmissions is a large reasons for bringing digital and mobile health technologies to market, especially ones that allow patients to take more control over their care while at home and after they leave the hospital the first time.

That’s where remote patient monitoring comes in, and numerous companies large and small are entering the race.  It was announced that AT&T is teaming up with Intuitive Health to pilot a home-based remote monitoring solution that helps engage patients and family members in their own care, while seamlessly involving healthcare providers through integration with their clinical information systems.  The end goal for the pilot is to help reduce hospital readmissions and associated healthcare costs, while increasing quality of care and patient satisfaction.

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HIMSS: GE Healthcare & AirStrip Debut new Wireless Patient Monitoring Solution

GE Healthcare and AirStrip Technologies have debuted a new wireless patient monitoring solution during the HIMSS12 conference on Wednesday.

Dubbed AirStrip PATIENT MONITORING, the new solution securely delivers patient monitoring information to critical-care physicians through iOS devices including iPhones and iPads, while helping physicians interact with, manipulate and zoom in on more than 100 clinical measurements and access physiologic data anytime, anywhere.  AirStrip received FDA clearance for the platform that drives the new patient monitoring solution back in 2010 and announced it obtained the CE Mark just last month.

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Berg Insight: 2.2M People Using Remote Patient Monitoring at the end of 2011

According to new research out recently from Berg Insight, 2011 ended with roughly 2.2M people leveraging remote patient monitoring services based on equipment with integrated connectivity.

This number only includes systems that rely on monitors with “integrated connectivity or systems that use monitoring hubs with integrated cellular or fixed-line modems,” according to the research firm, and doesn’t include patients that use monitoring devices connected to a PC or mobile phone.  Still, Berg projects the market for home monitoring systems will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18 percent between 2010 and 2016, reaching 4.9 million connections globally by the end of the forecast period.

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