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New Software Secures Patient Privacy

New Software Secures Patient PrivacyAccording to MIT Technology Review, a new software tool developed by computer scientists at the University of Illinois could give people more control over how their personal health information is shared between doctors and medical institutions and helps improve the security and privacy of health data.

Today, if you were to get care from a new doctor outside of your usual healthcare provider, you are essentially a blank slate to them unless you request your data. In this case your entire record becomes available to them, and many patients are wary of oversharing.

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TrueVault Making Strides for mHealth

TrueVault Making Strides for mHealthIn the last round of bills to pass through Congress, we saw a slate of healthcare reform acts, as well as a stimulus package, which was designed to help jumpstart President Obama’s efforts to encourage for more affordable healthcare.

One of the provisions introduced in an aforementioned bill calls for new HIPAA regulations and advanced security protocols for patient information. These regulations significantly impact the ways that technology companies have been developing apps and software for hospitals and doctors’ offices.

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Hackers Responsible for Massive HIPAA Security Breach

Hackers Responsible for Massive HIPAA Security BreachRegrettably, a recent security breach by hackers has now been exposed as one of the biggest HIPAA security breaches in history.

New published reports indicate that hackers managed to infilitrate a server belonging to a Texas healthcare system. In the process, health information of more than 400,000 people was compromised.

The five-hospital St. Joseph Health System in Bryan, Texas, on Tuesday reported it had experienced a three-day long data security attack back in December, when certain parties gained unauthorized access to a server containing patient and employee Social Security numbers, dates of birth, addresses and medical information.

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Cybersecurity Remains Top Concern for mHealth

Cybersecurity Remains Top Concern for mHealthAs more and more people begin to jump onto the mHealth bandwagon, one of the main concerns of government officials and technology developers is how to protect the wealth of personal data which will be transferred through mobile devices and across mobile networks for healthcare purposes. The federal government is unsure whether current security measures are sufficient to keep personal information safe from hackers.

Keven Charest, who is the Chief Information Security Officers for the US Department of Health and Human Services, said, “Our goal for the exercises is to identify additional ways that we can help the industry be better prepared for and better able to respond to cyberattacks. This exercise will generate valuable information we can use to improve our joint preparedness.”

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Everything is Bigger in Texas, Including Patient Privacy

Everything is Bigger in Texas, Including Patient PrivacyTexas has become the first state to offer a “certification for compliance” with federal and state laws in hopes of bolstering patient privacy.

The Texas Health Services Authority (THSA) and the Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST) have announced a partnership to improve the protection of health information for Texas residents.

Working together, the two organizations will develop and implement the truly groundbreaking Texas Covered Entity Privacy and Security Certification Program.
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RecordVault Wants To Be The Solution For Mobile Health Data Security

A recurring theme at the HIMSS 2013 conference and expo this week in New Orleans was the security of mobile health data.

With mobile technologies becoming central to expanded remote patient care and consultation, the challenge of securing patient information is growing by the day.

As a result, PerSysTek is behind a new solution that may rise to this very challenge.

Many of the vendors at HIMSS have great solutions meeting various mobile health (mHealth) needs but Physicians and Patients have been leery of adopting such technologies due to the security risk associated with mobile devices.

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Congress Poised to Take Up mHealth Security

With mHealth becoming a more deeply entrenched component of conventional healthcare in America, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that U.S. lawmakers are beginning to explore how mHealth can be made more secure through improved protection of sensitive patient information.

To that end, Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) has proposed action that would work to regulate how the makers of mobile health -related applications collect and potentially distribute personal data.

The Application Privacy, Protection and Security (APPS) Act of 2013 was introduced on January 16 as a “discussion draft.” Should the draft become enacted legislation, it could impact how developers collect personal data and limit the external parties that could have access to that information.

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