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Cybersecurity Remains Top Concern for mHealth

Cybersecurity Remains Top Concern for mHealthAs more and more people begin to jump onto the mHealth bandwagon, one of the main concerns of government officials and technology developers is how to protect the wealth of personal data which will be transferred through mobile devices and across mobile networks for healthcare purposes. The federal government is unsure whether current security measures are sufficient to keep personal information safe from hackers.

Keven Charest, who is the Chief Information Security Officers for the US Department of Health and Human Services, said, “Our goal for the exercises is to identify additional ways that we can help the industry be better prepared for and better able to respond to cyberattacks. This exercise will generate valuable information we can use to improve our joint preparedness.”

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Health Devices and Solutions Facing Password Problems

Health Devices and Solutions Facing Password ProblemsAccording to a recent correspondence by the Department of Homeland Security to device manufacturers, healthcare facilities and users, password-related issues still plague a host of medical solutions and mobile devices.

Researchers Billy Rios and Terry McCorkle of Cylance have reported a hard-coded password vulnerability affecting roughly 300 medical devices across approximately 40 vendors. According to their report, the vulnerability could be exploited to potentially change critical settings and/or modify device firmware.

The alert goes on to note that the affected devices have hard-coded passwords that can be used to permit privileged access to devices such as passwords that would normally be used only by a service technician.

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Report: Healthcare Organizations Not Prepared to Secure Patient Data

As the healthcare industry turns its focus to new digital and mobile technology, ensuring patient data and other sensitive areas are kept secure has become a major issue for hospitals and other healthcare organizations.

A new report out from PwC claims healthcare companies aren’t as prepared as they should be.  The report, entitled “Old Data Learns New Tricks: Managing Patient Privacy and Security on a New Data-Sharing Playground,” shows that despite advances in electronic health records (EHRs) and security technology, healthcare organizations have yet to adopt privacy measures on a large scale.

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