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New Survey Shows Physician Satisfaction Rates Highest for Practice Fusion

Practice Fusion, a leading cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) platform, has received the highest physician satisfaction rating amongst other industry-leading EHRs according to a new survey released by Reaction Data.

The survey sought to better understand physician sentiment toward EHRs and to identify qualities that can help clinicians choose a platform that best suits their needs.

Evaluating the most commonly used EHR vendors, 889 physicians who use an EHR daily were asked to rate their experience, on a scale of zero to 10, of how inclined they were to recommend their vendor to a peer or colleague. Physician specialty, as well as demographic data including organizational size and facility type, were also gathered to provide the proper context to their ratings.

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Practice Fusion Signs HHS ‘Interoperability Pledge’

HHS Pumping Millions into Rural Health ITPractice Fusion, an electronic health record (EHR) platform, joins a growing number of EHR vendors that have signed the interoperability pledge introduced by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), according to an announcement emailed to MHW today.

While signing the HHS pledge represents an initial step for many EHR vendors on the path toward interoperability, Practice Fusion has been connecting disparate health IT systems for over 10 years.

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New Report Says Practice Fusion Is Now Cloud-Based EHR Market Share Leader

intuitive-charting-doctorPractice Fusion, a leading cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) platform, was named the fourth largest EHR vendor by market share — with a share of 6.5 percent of the overall EHR market in the U.S.

That’s according to the latest SK&A report on Physician Office Usage of EHR Software.

SK&A’s report showing Practice Fusion’s leading cloud-based EHR market position is based on responses collected during phone interviews with over 290,000 medical offices, which represents an additional 40,000 – 50,000 medical offices interviewed compared to previous years’ reports, confirmed Jack Schember, director of marketing at SK&A. The survey captured the largest and most accurate snapshot of the EHR marketplace to date by including a larger sample of physician offices relative to all prior year reports.

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Practice Fusion Tackles Telemedicine with Ringadoc Acquisition

Practice Fusion Tackles Telemedicine with Ringadoc AcquisitionElectronic medical records company Practice Fusion recently announced their acquisition of startup Ringadoc. While the exact goals of this acquisition are not entirely set in stone, it is clear that Practice Fusion plans to enter the world of telemedicine.

Ringadoc is one of many telemedicine companies on the market that operates as an online answering service— one that prioritizes incoming calls for non-emergency care. However, this is just one of their many capabilities.

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More Funding Flowing into Health Technology at mHealth Summit

More Funding Flowing into Health Technology at mHealth SummitInvestment capital is flowing into health technology at a hurried pace today.

That much has been apparent this week at the 2013 mHealth Summit, where a number of key venture funding announcements were made.

Practice Fusion, a provider of free Electronic Health Records, announced an investment of $15 million. Behind the cash infusion is Qualcomm, which helps bring Practice Fusion’s total funding to $149 million, Forbes confirms.

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Mobile EMR Provider Practice Fusion Outlines Future Mobile Apps At Health 2.0

At the Health 2.0 conference yesterday in San Francisco, Practice Fusion — who bills itself the “the fastest growing Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system in the U.S. — outlined its mobile roadmap and debuted a prototype of its upcoming native mobile app for iOS.

The company currently has iPhone and Android applications in private beta testing, with each providing a free, lightweight and secure way for medical professionals to stay connected to vital patient data on the go and in real-time.  “Doctors love mobile technology — an estimated 80 percent of physicians have smartphones,” said Ryan Howard, CEO of Practice Fusion.  “This prototype is the next step we promised our mobile-hungry medical community.  Soon, our doctors will access their free EMR accounts anytime, anywhere securely with a free iPhone app.”

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