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Clinical Nutrition Services At St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Conducts Pediatric Telehealth Weight Management Pilot With Fruit Street Telehealth Software

press-releasePRESS RELEASE: Fruit Street Telehealth (Fruit Street) today announced that St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital (St. Jude) will be conducting a pediatric telehealth weight management pilot with its signature FruitStreet.com software.

The Fruit Street software will allow registered dietitian nutritionists (RDN) at St. Jude to conduct HIPAA compliant video consultations with patients and monitor their diet and exercise with the Fruit Street mobile application which allows patients to take pictures of their food. This will be the second pediatric weight management pilot conducted with the Fruit Street software.

The first pediatric weight management pilot was at University of Michigan’s adolescent weight management center.

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Nonprofessionals Successfully Interpret Medical Images of the Eye Online

press-releasePress Release: Scientists have found that with minimal training, members of the general public may be able to match the accuracy of experts in interpreting medical images of the eye. The work, published in Translational Vision Science & Technology (TVST), introduces a world where individuals without medical training could contribute to decisions made in the clinic.

The paper, “The Accuracy and Reliability of Crowdsource Annotations of Digital Retinal Images,” describes results from over 5,000 internet users who volunteered to interpret 100 medical images. Optional training was offered, and those who pursued the training performed as well as medical experts in marking areas of the images that suggested a clinical issue.

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Ergonomic App Launches on the App Store and Google Play

press-releasePRESS RELEASE: The WorkPose ergonomic app is designed to help people get rid of discomfort or pain at work. WorkPose guides the user through a step by step process of adjusting desk and computer position to help eliminate back, arm, shoulder and hand pain. This personalized, self-guided program promotes fitness, health, posture, work breaks and movement at one’s desk. The app was created by an expert Kinesiologist and an Ergonomist/Occupational Therapist.

How it works:

The user chooses a model (female, male or androgynous) and answers WorkPose’s 15-question Self-Assessment. The user will receive custom recommendations and product suggestions that will minimize any discomfort.

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MEDNAX Announces Divisional Leadership Changes

press-releaseMEDNAX, Inc., today announced that Karl Wagner, President of the Company’s Eastern Division, has indicated his intent to resign from the company, in order to pursue personal opportunities. Mr. Wagner, who joined MEDNAX in 1997 and previously served as the Company’s Treasurer, Chief Financial Officer and President of MEDNAX’s American Anesthesiology Division, will remain in his full-time position through early 2017 and serve on a consulting basis through the first half of 2017.

“I want to thank Karl for all the contributions he has made to MEDNAX over the last nineteen years,” said Roger J. Medel, M.D., Chief Executive Officer of MEDNAX. “In the financial and operating roles he has played, Karl has been an integral part of the growth, strategic evolution, and success we have achieved as an organization.”

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Skyhook Study Reveals the Next Market Opportunity for Wearables

press-releasePress Release:  A new study commissioned by Skyhook (a Liberty Broadband company) has found that 40 percent of consumers are interested in family and personal safety tracking wearables. However, the study of 1,000 consumers also revealed skepticism, with 1 in 4 consumers not fully appreciating the value of wearables. The research highlights the challenges wearables manufacturers face as they go-to-market with new types of devices. To view an infographic of the findings, click here.

Conducted by independent research firm Research Now, Skyhook set out to examine the next hot market for wearables and to understand the usefulness of and appetite for location-enhanced wearable devices. The study found that, while there’s still plenty of headroom in the health & fitness market with 81 percent of consumers citing purchasing interest, wearables’ next great market opportunity lies in devices that help track the whereabouts of family members and protect their safety.

But what do wearables manufacturers need to do to convert this interest into actual sales? According to the study, highlighting the value of location capabilities could be the key.

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