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SMS Technology Helping to Improve Patient Care and Retention

SMS Technology Helping to Improve Patient Care and RetentionCurrently, no-shows for scheduled medical care cost the healthcare industry over $150 billion each year. On top of that, there are always areas of opportunity when it comes to ongoing patient and physician communication. That’s where the latest offering in the healthcare space comes into play.

Meet the Bandwidth App Platform, which supports ProviderTech, a unique and separate mobile health platform. Healthcare professionals work with ProviderTech’s CareSMS platform in order to connect with patients via SMS messaging.

It can be used to perform functions such as sending a text message reminder of an upcoming appointment, but can also be used to do far more.

ProviderTech allows physicians to send personalized text messages to their patients, regarding everything from disease prevention, healthcare management, and alerts to any pertinent information—such as an outbreak in their local area. The text messages are two-way, meaning that the patient can respond directly if they have further questions or concerns.

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