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HIMSS 2016: PwC Aims to Advance Innovation in Healthcare

HIMSS 2016 PwC Aims to Advance Innovation in HealthcarePwC will be at HIMSS 2016 to talk up the launch of DoubleJump Health, a consumer health accelerator that “speeds the pace of innovation in person-centered health and brings medical and scientific breakthroughs to the market more quickly.”

According to a company announcement, there are two solutions that are first to launch: DoubleJump Interchange, aimed at breaking down barriers for ecosystem collaboration, data integration and analysis; and Bodylogical from DoubleJump Health, which will help predict chronic health outcomes at an individual and population level.

“We believe that in order to thrive in the New Health Economy™, businesses need more than a competitive edge. They must accelerate — even leapfrog — innovation. And that’s where DoubleJump Health comes in,” says Kelly Barnes, partner, PwC Health Industries practice leader. “PwC’s investment in this area is game-changing for our clients and the healthcare industry in order to meet the complex challenges of the future.”
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PwC Identifies Top 10 Health Industry Issues for 2014

PwC Identifies Top 10 Health Industry Issues for 2014PwC’s Health Research Institute has identified more than a few health industry issues that will be prominent in 2014.

Implementation of the Affordable Care Act “is only one of the factors” forcing a rapid reshaping of the $2.8 trillion U.S. healthcare industry in 2014 according to PwC’s HRI.

In its annual report on the Top Health Industry Issues for 2014, published Wednesday, PwC’s HRI identifies the top 10 issues facing the U.S. health sector this year.

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Why mHealth is Making Some Doctors Nervous

StethoscopeWhile a growing number of physicians find value in many of today’s leading and emerging mHealth resources, including applications and wearable devices, there are others who fear that the rise of mHealth will come at the expense of doctors themselves.

According to the findings of a new physicians survey from PWC, more than 25% of doctors surveyed now encourage  patients to use a wide array of mobile health apps.

But half of these medical professionals also expressed concern that this reality is turning the tides of power in modern medicine away from doctors and toward technology.
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Mobile Health Coming on Strong in Canada

Mobile Health Coming on Strong in CanadaCanada is proving to be fertile ground for mHealth.

Incredibly, approximately two out of every three Canadians now use smartphones and tablets to access mobile healthcare either for themselves or for their family members.

The findings of international consultancy PwC‘s new study – Making Care Mobile: Shifting perspectives on the virtualization of health care – indicate that mobile health is changing Canadian healthcare in a profound way.

Coverage of the new report from Beacon News, however, highlights why this is not all that surprising when you consider that 80% of those surveyed admit to being very comfortable with mHealth apps.

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GSMA: mHealth Market Worth $23B by 2017

New research published recently by the GSMA suggests the market for mHealth will produce a revenue opportunity worth more than $23B by 2017.

The findings come as part of a new report published recently called ‘Touching Lives through Mobile Health: Assessment of the Global Market Opportunity.’  Conducted by PwC for the GSMA, the report looks at the key challenges the healthcare industry is facing worldwide and the opportunity mobile technology provides in overcoming these challenges.

The report says that despite advancements in medical technologies and a general increase in income levels, healthcare continues to pose challenges of affordability, complexity and access across the world, while in contrast, mobile access is almost ubiquitous.  With the increasing penetration of smartphones and new and innovative ‘connected devices’, and the proliferation of Mobile Broadband networks and services worldwide, mobile will play a far greater role in healthcare in both developed and developing countries in the future.

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Report: Healthcare Organizations Not Prepared to Secure Patient Data

As the healthcare industry turns its focus to new digital and mobile technology, ensuring patient data and other sensitive areas are kept secure has become a major issue for hospitals and other healthcare organizations.

A new report out from PwC claims healthcare companies aren’t as prepared as they should be.  The report, entitled “Old Data Learns New Tricks: Managing Patient Privacy and Security on a New Data-Sharing Playground,” shows that despite advances in electronic health records (EHRs) and security technology, healthcare organizations have yet to adopt privacy measures on a large scale.

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