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mHIMSS: 5 FAQs on SMS Text Messaging Implementation in Healthcare

With a lot of ambiguity surrounding how SMS can be properly implemented in healthcare messaging, the folks at mHIMSS have produced an excellent quick-reference guide that covers five frequently asked questions regarding the use of SMS in healthcare.

Covering everything from the technology needed to deploy SMS, to the many regulatory standards associated with SMS and the use of Short Codes, and even including “Personal Health Information (PHI)” within text messages, the doc provides an excellent reference point to those seeking more information on SMS in healthcare.

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Highmark Partners With mobileStorm to Implement New Mobile Messaging Initiative

It was announced today that Highmark — a Pittsburgh-based independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association — has partnered with mobileStorm to power a new mobile messaging initiative to reach members, employees, group customers and the community at large on their mobile devices.

Highmark is currently implementing mobile campaigns to influence healthy behaviors for members as well as its own employee base, while also evaluating opportunities to use additional SMS initiatives to reach group customers and the general community.  Highmark is leveraging mobileStorm for Healthcare, the company’s multi-channel healthcare messaging system that enables both healthcare payers and providers to launch powerful one-to-many campaigns with a virtually limitless number of members.

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CellepathicRx Adds Hypertargeted Couponing to its mHealth Solutions for Pharmacies

CellepathicRx, a provider of “HIPAA-compliant, client-branded mHealth solutions,” has announced the addition of hypertargeted retail couponing to its solutions aimed at pharmacies.

The company focuses primarily on mobile messaging solutions aimed at medication adherence, appointment reminders, patient self-reporting and so on — solutions aimed at allowing consumers to have better control over their health and wellness while saving costs for healthcare organizations.  The company leverages a variety of communication channels such as SMS, email, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), QR codes, the mobile Web and mobile apps to deliver relevant messaging to consumers.

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Health Insurer Aetna Acquires Healthagen, Maker of Popular “iTriage” Mobile App

It’s been announced that health insurance giant Aetna has acquired Healthagen, the company behind the the mega-popular “iTriage” mobile app — arguably the most successful mHealth app on the market today.

Last Thursday at an investor conference, Aetna’s Chairman, CEO, and President Mark Bertolini told investors “About a month and a half ago we bought a little company called iTriage…the fastest growing consumer application in healthcare today.  We’re going to begin to change the healthcare industry by giving people tools they can put in the palm of their hand.”  Aetna obviously sees the writing on the wall in terms of consumer-demand for mobile access to healthcare information, with this likely being the first step of many towards more mobile services for its users.

Like all healthcare payers, Aetna has a keen interest in keeping its members as healthy as possible, meaning they must proactively encourage healthy behavior through any means possible.  Through mobile communication and access to mobile services like iTriage, Aetna is doing just that.  Another goal for Aetna is keeping members as engaged as possible, which aids in retention as well. “Retention is the catalyst for growth,” Bertolini said.

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A Paradigm Shift in Healthcare: Why Hospitals Need to Become Amazing Marketers

On the mobileStorm company blog recently, CEO Jared Reitzin wrote an interesting opinion piece on why hospitals need to become amazing marketers — stemming from the many changes on the horizon  in terms of Medicare and within the healthcare industry in general.

For example, it’s been announced by the federal government that Medicare will begin cutting back payments to hospitals where high numbers of patients are readmitted, or to hospitals with higher-than-average costs for patient care.  What this means is that hospitals and healthcare organizations in general need to start taking steps to keep members healthier post-visit.  Doing so means influencing member behavior through the right messaging strategies, sent at the right time, to the right members.

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