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A Clear or Murky Future for mHealth in Remote Patient Monitoring?

A Clear or Murky Future for mHealth in Remote Patient MonitoringMobile health technology is still a fairly new addition to the healthcare industry, leaving many to speculate exactly what role it will play in the future of modern healthcare management.

Mobile health technology refers to a wide range of products such as smartphone apps, mobile healthcare devices that link to reporting tools, and tracking devices that have the ability to relay information directly back to physicians or professional caretakers.

It is the potential for improved healthcare management, as well as consumer cost savings that leave many wondering if mobile health technology should play a larger role in remote patient monitoring.

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PrevaCare Touts Streamlining of Remote Healthcare at mHealth Summit

PrevaCare Touts Streamlining of Remote Healthcare at mHealth SummitAdding another impressive offering to the already teeming array of new products, services, and innovations highlighted this week at the mHealth Summit, mHealthWatch was on hand as PrevaCare lifted the veil on its newest creation at the world’s foremost mHealth conference.

To meet “the needs of the rapidly changing landscape of healthcare,” PrevaCare has launched a home and mobile patient monitoring and communication platform.

“Central to this platform,” the company says, “is PrevaCare‚Äôs proprietary PrevaLink, a device and network infrastructure agnostic hub that seamlessly collects and transmits medical device data to the PrevaCloud.”

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AT&T Rolls Out New Solution for ‘Mobile Peace of Mind’

AT&T Rolls Out New Solution for 'Mobile Peace of Mind'In response to the alarming reality that one-third of adults over the age of 65 suffer a fall each year, the use of mobile technology has never been more important in offering senior care and elderly patient monitoring.

To that end, AT&T says it wants to provide peace of mind for the elderly and their families through the launch of AT&T EverThere, a small wearable device that can detect falls and quickly identify location.

EverThere became available through the AT&T website on Wednesday.

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Sense4Baby Brings Maternal Monitoring System to the U.S.

SENSE4BABY, INC.Good news for Sense4Baby, developer of an FDA-cleared portable wireless maternal/fetal heart rate monitoring system that works with smartphones and tablets.

The company just received 510(k) clearance and CE mark for commercializing the smartphone-based fetal monitoring system in the U.S. and Europe.

The solution, which is designed to perform non-stress testing (NST) for high-risk pregnancies on a smartphone or tablet, has made enormous strides in the short time it has been around.
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ABI: Healthsense Take Top Spot in mHealth Home Monitoring Device Competitive Assessment

ABI Healthsense Take Top Spot in mHealth Home Monitoring Device Competitive AssessmentABI announced this week that Healthsense, pomdevices (Sonamba), and GrandCare Systems are the three highest ranked vendors within ABI Research’s latest Competitive Assessment.

The Assessment examines the market for wireless-enabled home monitoring devices and vendors are judged upon successful implementation as well as product innovation.

The three top overall vendors revealed contrasting approaches to the market, ABI said in a press release.

Healthsense represents a longstanding player, has both a strong market presence as well as a forward-looking approach. In contrast, pomdevices and GrandCare Systems represent the arrival of newer players with innovation and a strong consumer device focus at the heart of their offerings.

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Sotera Wireless Unveils ViSi Mobile System

Sotera Wireless Unveils ViSi Mobile SystemOn Monday, Sotera Wireless touted the expanded launch of the ViSi Mobile System, a wireless wrist-worn patient monitoring system designed to support hospital patient safety.

The system in question now will be featured at Intermountain Healthcare’s new Healthcare Transformation Lab.

The Salt Lake City-based Healthcare Transformation Lab formally opens later this month and will showcase and foster technology poised to advance healthcare.

“Patient safety is a chief concern among hospitals, especially as the demands on our nation’s healthcare system increase,” says Frederick Holston, Intermountain’s chief technology officer and head of the new Healthcare Transformation Lab. “We believe the ViSi Mobile System’s efficient and innovative vital sign surveillance is an ideal example of how technology can provide solutions that will improve quality of care while decreasing cost.”

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Remote Patient Monitoring May Revolutionize Tuberculosis Treatment

A new treatment-adherence monitoring system that uses mobile-health technology may forever change how tuberculosis is treated.

Tuberculosis patients now have a less-intrusive treatment program that will improve the likelihood that they will take all their critical medications.

Video Directly Observed Therapy (VDOT) was created with the assistance of project leader by Dr. Richard Garfein, who worked in collaboration with researchers at the University California, San Diego’s School of Medicine.

A team of developers from Qualcomm Institute/Calit2, a research and development unit at the university; and public health officials from San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico were also involved.
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