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Wearable Technology Can Enhance Long Term Patient Care

The following is a guest contributed post from Chris Holbert, CEO of SecuraTrac.

Wearable technologies have been widely adopted by consumers to measure and track aspects of health. Bracelets can track steps and calorie burn, clothing can measure heart rate and VO2 levels. While adoption is slower in clinical settings some health care organizations have begun to integrate wearable technologies into patient care to create more opportunities for e-health programs and to create new data availability.

Some wearable technologies developed for the health care sector are designed to monitor patient vitals. Patients who are not in critical condition are able to receive round-the-clock monitoring from health care professionals at home or at a step-down care facility. There is no need for people recovering from basic surgeries or who have chronic conditions to remain in the hospital for prolonged periods of time. Care can be dispatched to their homes on an as needed basis if vitals stray outside a “normal” range.

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GlobalSat, SecuraTrac Partner to Pioneer in mHealth

GlobalSat, SecuraTrac Partner to Pioneer in mHealthThe passion to pioneer technology within the field of mHealth has forged a new partnership between two titans in their respective industries.

On Thursday, GlobalSat WorldCom Corp. – a global leader in the development and manufacturing of GPS receivers and electronic communication devices – confirmed its freshly cemented alliance with SecuraTrac – a well-respected provider of various mobile health and safety solutions.

A joint statement from the partners reveals that the two companies are behind the release of the Mobile Personal Emergency Response System (mPERS) called the MobileDefender.
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