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What’s All That (White) Noise? Mommy Blog Says Sleep Genius Mobile App is the Way to a Better Night’s Sleep

What’s All That (White) Noise Mommy Blog Says Sleep Genius App is the Way to a Better Night’s SleepSurely you know someone with a “white noise” machine.

Those are the contraptions that generate a wall of amorphous sound, often to block out unwanted sounds that disrupt sleep, but also employed because people have become convinced they reduce stress.

Who uses them? Busy executives, stressed-out lawyers, or — and now we’re going to talk about real stress — Moms and Dads.

Turns out that they might not work as well as other methods. In fact, a spectacularly popular “Mommy blog” has just featured information on a sound-based sleeping aid that seems to have a better handle on what people of all ages need to really relax, unwind, and sleep well.

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Sleep Genius App Gets NASA Salute

Sleep Genius App Gets NASA SaluteWhat began as a quest to help humans sleep in the International Space Station has become a technology soothing people worldwide.

Not only that, It’s also a celebrated “spinoff technology” in the latest edition of NASA’s prestigious annual publication, appropriately titled Spinoff.

The 2015 issue recognizes an array of cutting edge companies and products that began with research for NASA but ultimately led to technologies for life right here on planet Earth.

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Sleep Genius Infographic Links Healthy Weight with Healthy Sleep

Sleep Genius Infographic Equates Diet Success with Adequate SleepThere are, to be sure, many habits that will help you to be successful when you’re on a diet. Most people however wouldn’t consider sleep, or the lack of sleep, to be one of them.

A new infographic from Sleep Genius — a groundbreaking mobile app helping exhausted brains and bodies get quality rest through the power of cutting edge sleep science — begs to differ.

The visual in question, shared below, reveals that people who don’t get enough sleep will find it harder to lose weight because of a number of problems a lack of sleep causes, including one that’s pretty important; they’ll be hungrier.

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mHealth Experts See Direct Link Between Sleep and Weight

mHealth Experts See Direct Link Between Sleep and WeightAccording to a new report from Business Insider, getting inadequate sleep can wreak more havoc on your health than we initially realized.

Along for the ride with drowsiness and irritability is weight gain. That’s right. Not getting enough shut eye can also cause you to “gain several pounds of weight per year.”

“It’s generally recommended that people sleep for seven to nine hours a night, but nearly 40% of Americans get less than that,” the report reads. “Those who do get the recommended amount of sleep per night can actually lose weight — up to 15 pounds in just eight weeks. But those who only sleep six hours a night can put on 14 pounds of extra weight in a year.”
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New App Puts iOS vs. Android Debate to ‘Rest’

New App Puts iOS vs. Android Debate to ‘Rest’When it comes to the intense rivalry between iOS and Android, there’s very little that’s mutually agreed upon. In fact, recent studies suggest that dedicated fans of each platform have more heated debates about iOS and Android than they do politics, sports and religion.

Although it isn’t clear what – if anything – can eventually put this debate to rest, Android users are about to catch up to their iOS counterparts in at least one respect – getting more quality sleep.

Thanks to the arrival on Thursday of Sleep Genius on Google Play, one of the most talked about mHealth apps to launch on iOS this year can now help Android users get the shut-eye they’ll need to be well rested for their debates with Apple fans.

Having earned ample praise from health experts and national coverage from prominent media outlets like NBC’s Today Show, CBS News, and ESPN, Sleep Genius has been credited with altering the landscape of modern mobile sleep apps as we’ve come to know them.

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Can’t Sleep After a Horror Movie? There’s an App for That

Can't Sleep After a Horror Movie There's an App for ThatThe box office receipts don’t lie. American’s just can’t get enough of their favorite scary movies. Unlike dramas or romantic comedies, good scary movies are like potato chips – you can’t stop after just one. In fact, studies show that the typical horror-flick aficionado has watched their most beloved bone-chilling flicks at least three-dozen times.

With the Halloween season now in full swing, cable networks are broadcasting horror movies non-stop through All Hallow’s Eve. So if you’re among those who stay up late to soak up the newest slasher film, be warned. You may spend the night tossing, turning, and battling one nightmare after another.

But if you think that watching horror movies before bed in October is the cause of your seasonal spike in nightmare frequency, here’s something else to consider.  It may actually be your lack of sleep and not your extracurricular creature feature time that’s causing you to endure night terrors.

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Infographic: The mHealth Revolution

Infographic The mHealth RevolutionMobile health is projected to be a 26 billion dollar industry by 2017. But the industry means more than just big businesses. It means a healthier and better informed public.

Today there are more than 100,000 health and fitness related mobile apps available in the world’s top app stores. All told, more than 4 million of these apps are downloaded daily.

From groundbreaking sleep apps like the neuroscience-based Sleep Genius, which has been proven in clinical trials to help 77% of users get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer, to AllergyCast by Zyrtec, an innovative mobile platform for allergy suffers to stay informed of environmental conditions, air quality, and the presence of pollen and mold, there are countless must-have apps that are improving the health and well-being for millions of Americans morning, noon, and night.
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