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New AASM Sleep Select Video Platform Accelerates Telemedicine Integration

Ahead of the weekend, MHW learned that the American Academy of Sleep Medicine introduced AASM Sleep Select, a streamlined telemedicine system that enables sleep medicine professionals, accredited sleep centers and durable medical equipment (DME) providers to rapidly improve patient access to care by integrating secure video visits.

AASM Sleep Select is a sleek, state-of the-art system comprising the two elements that are essential for a quick entry into telemedicine: a HIPAA-compliant, web-based video platform and a patient self-pay feature that facilitates convenient, secure payments.
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Sleep Data Reveals Italians Sleep Best

Man sleeping in bedOn Tuesday, MHW was briefed by the team at EarlySense, a market leader in contact-free continuous monitoring solutions, on the latest sleep scores gathered from a sample of 900 Europeans using an EarlySense-powered sleep sensor for six months.

Data recordings from more than 20,000 nights were analyzed, today’s announcement notes.

Originally designed for hospitals, EarlySense’s contact-free health monitoring sensor detects more than 50,000 data points every night to provide users with a precise picture of overall health.
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Fitbit Wants You to Develop Healthy Sleep Habits

Fitbit's Valuation Reaches 300 MillionOn Monday, Fitbit — a giant in the connected health and fitness market — released what it calls a “simple yet powerful” set of sleep tools to help Fitbit users get better sleep.

The offering is designed to improve a user’s sleep consistency and overall health.

Sleep plays a critical role in health and wellbeing, from protecting against cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity, to boosting neurocognitive functions, mental health and longevity, the company said in its formal announcement.
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Self-Pay for Telemedicine No Longer Something to Lose Sleep Over

Self-Pay for Telemedicine No Longer Something to Lose Sleep OverThe American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) announced today that AASM Sleep, a telemedicine platform for board-certified sleep medicine physicians and accredited sleep centers, now has a new patient self-pay feature that facilitates “convenient, secure payments.”

The new functionality of AASM Sleep is on display May 14-17 in the Minneapolis Convention Center at booth #2020 of ATA 2016, the annual conference and trade show of the American Telemedicine Association.

“Telemedicine is changing the health care landscape by improving patient access to care,” said AASM Executive Director Jerry Barrett. “As the first telemedicine platform to be designed, developed and custom-built by a professional medical society, AASM SleepTM is the standard-bearer for a new era of sleep medicine that will enhance the availability of affordable, convenient, patient-centered care nationwide.”
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Sleep Genius App Gets NASA Salute

Sleep Genius App Gets NASA SaluteWhat began as a quest to help humans sleep in the International Space Station has become a technology soothing people worldwide.

Not only that, It’s also a celebrated “spinoff technology” in the latest edition of NASA’s prestigious annual publication, appropriately titled Spinoff.

The 2015 issue recognizes an array of cutting edge companies and products that began with research for NASA but ultimately led to technologies for life right here on planet Earth.

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Top 5 Apps for Baby and Toddler Wellness and Early Learning

Top 5 Apps for Baby and Toddler Wellness and Early LearningAs new parents today are poised to quickly discover, the Apple App Store is teeming with mobile health apps for toddlers and babies.

Promising everything from a better night’s sleep to a well-behaved and fast-learning child, there are plenty of apps that make no shortage of promises. But which ones really deliver on their claims?

Here are a few of the most effective choices that many parents vouch for and often recommend.

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Back to School: Better Sleep is This Year’s First Homework Assignment

As millions of students prepare to return to school in the coming days, Dr. Conrad Iber of Fairview Sleep Centers has already put forward the first homework assignment of the year.

According to Dr. Iber, going back to school presents the need to go back to sleep – on a regular, healthy schedule. But this transition from summer to school hours is never easy. And it can take its toll on the immune systems of students and parents alike.

That’s why health experts hope that this year’s first school-related project will involve learning to get more sleep. With researchers at Boston College having recently discovered that American students are the most sleep-deprived in the world, it seems this lesson can’t be learned fast enough.

“Studies show that sleep deprivation has an adverse effect on immune function, and chronic sleep loss can increase an individual’s vulnerability to infectious diseases,” warns the National Sleep Foundation.

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