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Health Apps Nourish iOS owners, Fitness Gets Workout on Android

Health Apps Nourish iOS owners, Fitness Gets Workout on AndroidHealth and fitness are two of the sweatiest categories of apps on smartphones. By sweatiest, we mean that apps that help people count calories, log meals, get fitness regimens, and more are really getting a workout by increasingly fit-conscious consumers.

But here’s the post-app rubdown: there’s a difference between Android and iPhone users.

Who knew? Opera Mediaworks, as it turns out. When the firm evaluated 500 million monthly ad impressions on more than 400 of its mobile ad platforms and apps, Opera Mediaworks concluded that iPhone users are more interested in health (62 percent vs. 58 percent for fitness), while Android users are more interested in fitness (39 percent vs. 30 percent).

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Smartphones Becoming Smart Enough To Know When You Are Sick

Mobile services designer Mark Curtis says mobile is reshaping health care as we know it.

“In the not-too-distant future,” Curtis asserts in a new CNN editorial, “you’ll receive a full diagnosis and cure from your smartphone before you have even realized you’re unwell.”

According to Curtis, who serves as chief client officer at design consultancy Fjord, digital is set to embark on a path of “radical transformation” in the health and wellness sector.

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Forecast: mHealth App Market to Double in 2012 to $1.3B

New research out from Research2Guidance is projecting the market for mobile health apps to more than double during 2012 to top off at more than $1.3B, up from $718M in 2011.

The healthy increase projected for this year is attributed to five main areas according to the research firm’s latest report, including app downloads, in-app advertisements, mHealth services, direct transactions and sensor sales. The latter being a substantial growth driver as a number of big healthcare companies published mHealth apps in 2011 that go far beyond the simple nature of most apps we’ve seen hit the market so far.

The report also notes that in 2012 the number of mHealth application users – mobile users who downloaded a smartphone mHealth application at least once – will reach 247 million.  This is nearly double the 124 million users who downloaded mHealth smarthphone applications in 2011.

The full report is available for download here.

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MyMedicalRecords to Debut new PHR Smartphone and Tablet Apps at HIMSS 2012

MMRGlobal, the company behind MyMedicalRecords.com, announced today that it plans to debut new smartphone and tablet applications at the 2012 HIMSS conference in Las Vegas February 20-24.

The new apps being showcased are its MyMedicalRecords Personal Health Record (PHR) and Emergency View Portal applications, which both work across smartphones and tablets running Android.  Last week we covered the launch of the MyMedicalRecords prepaid PHR card that was introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show, which features what the company calls a “Lifeline telephone number.”   In the case of the prepaid PHR service, these Lifeline numbers are used to allow one’s physicians to send in health records and other information which are then centralized in a single PHR.

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Verizon and Duke University Team for mHealth Applications and Consumer Healthcare Education

A new partnership was announced today between Verizon and Duke University with the intention of sharing resources to develop mobile health applications and promote consumer health education.

The primary focus for the new partnership is to develop health information technology initiatives to drive better care, expanded access and lower costs for both sides of the healthcare ecosystem — healthcare organizations and consumers alike.  “Verizon Connected Healthcare Solutions,” the company’s health care practice group, and Duke will combine technical resources and personnel to focus on projects that leverage the inherent value of advanced communications technologies in the healthcare space.

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Intuit Health Debuts New Apps “Mobile Inbox” for Smartphones & “iPad Patient Check-In”

Following the acquisition of MedFusion over a year ago, Intuit has debuted its new mHealth-focused division aptly named “Intuit Health.”  As such, the company has announced its first two mobile applications geared towards the mHealth market.

The first of which, a smartphone application called “Mobile Inbox,” allows access for the over 4 million users of Intuit Health’s Patient Portal to communicate better with their physicians while on the go.  The app allows members to schedule appointments, retrieve lab results or pay their co-pay among other things.  The app is expected to be available in mid 2012.

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Who Uses mHealth Apps & Services the Most?

Though mHealth adoption hasn’t grown as quickly as many had hoped, there’s still certain demographics that are driving the market, according to new data out from the Pew Internet and American Life Project.

According to the research, it was found that more men use apps to track their health than women, though only by a percentage point.  It was also found that Black and Hispanic consumers, those who lived in urban areas, and adults ages 18 to 29 also showed higher-than-average use of the mobile Web and apps for healthcare.  Further drilling down the demographics, it was found that those with an income of $75K+ are most likely to utilize mHealth apps and services, while those with “some college education” are most likely as well.

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