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Is Text Messaging The Future of Blood Drives?

Is Text Messaging The Future of Blood DrivesAccording to a new report from our sister site Mobile Marketing Watch, SMS may hold the key to boosting blood donations.

Per the details shared, blood donation rates are actually on the decline in developed nations around the world. It is for this reason that the Stockholm blood service in Sweden decided to turn to modern mobile communication to let donors know the impact they are making with their donation.

After someone donates blood, they probably never give it a second thought. While patient privacy must be protected, this is not to say that a donor cannot be made aware of when their blood has been used by a recipient.

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Google Making mHealth Progress in China

Google Making mHealth Progress in ChinaU.S. based companies and tech behemoths like Google and Facebook may not be universally welcomed with open arms… but progress is being made.

In China, Google’s fitness application – Google Fit — has made an enormous splash, securing China as its most-successful market since being released, according to a recent report from Bloomberg.

In June, Google unveiled its “Google Fit Platform,” a software suite that connects compatible apps and Android Wear devices, allowing a user to track activity and fitness data. Google Fit tracks activity, collects data from other apps and external hardware, and connects to health-monitoring devices.

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Bestselling Health and Wellness Books Are Now Mobile First

Bestselling Health and Wellness Books Are Now Mobile FirstAccording to the findings of a new report highlighted Friday in the Guardian, self-published authors have ballooned to account for more than 30% of ebook sales on Amazon.com. What’s more, these authors are now earning more ebook royalties than writers who have been published with the world’s five largest publishers.

In no category, however, is the eBook revolution more apparent than health and wellness.

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SMS Reminders Improve Cervical Cancer Screening

SMS Reminders Improve Cervical Cancer ScreeningA new study has demonstrated that SMS based screening intervention in Korean American women significantly increased their knowledge of cervical cancer and cervical cancer screening as well as encouraged them to obtain pap test. Korean American women have one of the highest cervical cancer mortality rates in the United States and the lowest Pap test screening rates.

The study leveraged BJ Fogg’s Behavior Model to create three sequential elements in this SMS intervention – identify barriers, develop motivators, and provide triggers to effect a behavior change.

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Mobile Phone Program Increases Muscle Strength and Reduces Inflammation in COPD Patients

© Copyright 2010 CorbisCorporationA home-based, individualized endurance exercise training program at an intended walking speed controlled by a pre-set tempo of music with the assistance of a mobile phone significantly improves exercise capacity, strength of limb muscles and a decrease in inflammation markers in patients with Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).In this pilot clinical study conducted by researchers at a tertiary medical center in Taiwan, it was reported that all 12 patients in the mobile-phone group were still exercising 4 to 6 days per week at the end of the 6 months study, while only 7 of the 14 patients in control group reported regular walking at the end of study.

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Allegheny Valley Hospital Implements Telemedicine

With Telemedicine, Paramedics Use iPads to Connect Patients to DoctorsAccording to WESA, Allegheny Valley Hospital has implemented telemedicine practices by allowing paramedics response units to use iPads to connect patients to physicians by video.

“Our hopes are that it will result in a more aggressive treatment plan in the field, direct the patient to the most appropriate hospital based on their condition or injury, and the final result is that we have higher survival rates,” said Jeff Polana, director of pre-hospital operations for Allegheny Valley Hospital. He adds that the new visual and audio connection between patients and physicians eliminates many problems paramedics and EMT’s faced before.

Gary Cockroft, paramedic, said that “Paramedics were often limited by their ability to describe patient symptoms over the phone and had a hard time conveying just how serious conditions were. Now that the physician’s able to see the patient, they can decide for themselves how great the symptoms are.”

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Soon to be Required Text-to-911 Has Skeptics

Soon to be Required Text-to-911 Has SkepticsAs recently profiled by Fierce Mobile Healthcare, all wireless carriers and certain texting applications will be required to support text-to-911 functionality by the end of 2014, per the rules adopted by the Federal Communications Commission last week.

The rules state that if any call center requests text-to-911, providers will comply within six months. Wireless providers must send automatic reply messages instructing consumers to call 911 in areas without text-to-911 functionality.

The FCC says that 48 million Americans are deaf or hard of hearing and 7.5 million have speech disabilities, so this will give consumers more options for emergency outreach.

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