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Critical Incident Responder Upgrade for Global Enterprise Messaging Platform Enables Faster Staff Communications

NueVue Takes Aim at The Germs on Your SmartphoneA new business continuity app that enables logistics companies to provide real-time communications during threats and monitors their safety has been added to Soprano Design’s cloud-based Mobile Enterprise Messaging Suite (MEMS) platform.

Soprano RapidAlert – a crisis management tool and one of nine business app plug-ins for its award-winning MEMS platform – allows organizations to manage business continuity by deploying SMS alerts within seconds to incident first responders and standby teams.

Soprano CEO Horden Wiltshire said the development of RapidAlert was in response to market demand at a time where there is an increased likelihood of extreme events relating to natural disasters, the environment, civil unrest and cyber security.

“The ubiquity of text messaging means that messages will reached all those that need to be informed immediately and accurately and can track whether they have responded to an alert on time,” Mr Wiltshire said.

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Mental Health Program Taps Into Text Messages for Healthy Minds and Bodies

Secure Text Messaging Could Save Hospitals a Fortune AnnuallyAhead of the weekend, MHW learned that nationally renowned eating disorder expert Lori Osachy, MSS, LCSW is launching a first-of-its-kind mental health program.

Powered by CareWire, Inc., the text2Bwell Positive Body Image Program is described to us as being an 8-week text messaging series to help people begin to transform the way they feel about their body, food, and exercise – all from their cell phone.

Content is conveniently delivered via personalized text messages—no apps or downloads required. Each text will contain proven techniques and action steps, as well as links to more in-depth web content and password-protected forums, and one-on-one support from Osachy. Periodic, text-based survey check-ins will assess participant progress.

Access to the program is currently offered at an introductory price of $25.
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mPulse Mobile Announces $1.7 Million of New Funding

mPulse Mobile Announces $1.7 Million of New FundingOn Wednesday, mPulse Mobile — a mobile experience-management company focused on consumer health and wellness — confirmed in a statement to the media that it recently wrapped up a $1.7 million investment round (pre-series A) lead by OCA Ventures.

According to a statement from the innovative company, this funding “will enable mPulse to continue its organic growth and expand the sales and client support teams to further support its leadership in delivering mobile population health and member engagement solutions to health and wellness companies.”

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Text Messages Can Improve Medication Adherence By Up To 17 Percent

Text Messages Can Improve Medication Adherence By Up To 17 PercentAs reported this morning by our sister site Mobile Marketing Watch, text messages can, indeed, prove to be a real life saver.

A recent article posted in the Journal of Clinical Nursing finds that text message reminders can improve medication adherence by 15.3 to 17.8 percent. The report was completed at Michigan State University by Tracy DeKoekkoek, R.N. and her colleagues—and reviewed data compiled by multiple studies.

The data was gathered from 13 studies individual that focused on text message intervention designed to improve medication adherence. Some of these studies, a report summary from DoctorsLounge explains, provided standard text messages, and some featured text messages that were custom-tailored to the patient.

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SMS Technology Helping to Improve Patient Care and Retention

SMS Technology Helping to Improve Patient Care and RetentionCurrently, no-shows for scheduled medical care cost the healthcare industry over $150 billion each year. On top of that, there are always areas of opportunity when it comes to ongoing patient and physician communication. That’s where the latest offering in the healthcare space comes into play.

Meet the Bandwidth App Platform, which supports ProviderTech, a unique and separate mobile health platform. Healthcare professionals work with ProviderTech’s CareSMS platform in order to connect with patients via SMS messaging.

It can be used to perform functions such as sending a text message reminder of an upcoming appointment, but can also be used to do far more.

ProviderTech allows physicians to send personalized text messages to their patients, regarding everything from disease prevention, healthcare management, and alerts to any pertinent information—such as an outbreak in their local area. The text messages are two-way, meaning that the patient can respond directly if they have further questions or concerns.

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Vocera to Offer Free, Secure Text Messaging for Its U.S. Healthcare Customers

Vocera to Offer Free, Secure Text Messaging for Its U.S. Healthcare CustomersVocera wants to up the ante.

In a bid to be the provider of choice, the company has announced it will soon offer cloud-based secure texting at no cost to its 800-plus U.S. hospital customers.

“Vocera Secure Texting will connect seamlessly with Vocera Communication Systems installed in over 800 U.S. hospitals, enabling physicians to securely text care teams and improve care coordination, operational efficiencies, and patient experience,” said a company spokesman in a recent release.

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Urban Communities Prefer Text Messages for Survey

Urban Communities Prefer Text Messages for SurveyResults from a pilot study published last week by the researchers at the University of Michigan Medical School demonstrated that among low-income urban African-Americans in Detroit, “text messaging is not only acceptable and feasible but is the preferred method of collecting real-time survey data” over other methods of survey including paper, phone, internet, and in-person.

The survey used in the study consisted of 14 hypothetical medical scenarios – 10 questions reflected 10 leading reasons for urgent outpatient medical visits, 4 questions reflected extreme scenarios. For example, as a follow to, “You slipped in the bathroom, injured your back, it hurts to lie down and when you bend over or twist”, participants were asked to choose between visit emergency department or ask primary care doctor or do nothing. Four weeks after the paper survey was completed, identical questions were asked by text messages. These included two text message sent per day at different times of day for 6 weeks. Each question was sent six times: twice during regular hours (8 am-4 pm), twice during off hours (5 pm-7 am) and twice during the weekend. The participant’s response was followed by a question seeking a free text explanation for the choice made.

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