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Leading Social Network for Doctors Welcomes Mexican and Spanish Physicians

Leading Social Network for Doctors Welcomes Mexican and Spanish PhysiciansSERMO, a leading social network for doctors (with nearly 470,000 members in seven countries), has just announced its latest international expansion.

The move in question, we’re told, opens the platform’s doors to 260,000 Mexican and 232,000 Spanish doctors.

SERMO is the largest global social network exclusively for physicians available now in Australia, Canada, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, the UK and the US.

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mHealth App Expands to Create Health Network

With $10 million worth of funding, RunKeeper is evolving from a simple mobile app dedicated to tracking runs to a social network designed to tie the many facets of health and fitness together into one platform.

Jason Jacobs, the CEO and co-founder of RunKeeper, said, “On the one hand, it’s very powerful to track, measure and learn from each part of your health, but the flip side is the more these point systems proliferate, the more fragmented the experience becomes,” concluding, “…something has to be the glue to tie all these systems together and provide a central view.” The goal of RunKeeper is to be just that.

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