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Patient Trust a Major Roadblock for Telemedicine

Patient Trust a Major Roadblock for TelemedicineIn a recent nationwide study conducted by Technology Advice Research, it was found that 75% of people would be skeptical of a diagnosis from a remote physician, or would trust telemedicine less than a live visit. That’s according to coverage of the research by HIT Consultant.

While this number is high, it is not necessarily out of line with the trust rates of new technology. For those of us who recall when online payment processing was new, most of us had hesitations until payment processors or specific websites had a track record of being safe and reliable. The same is likely to be true for telemedicine.

While the overall percentage of those who are skeptical is high, results vary drastically by demographic. For example, only 17% of respondents 18-24 years old, and 25% of respondents 25-44% would be skeptical of a virtual diagnosis.

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New Smartphone Attachment for Physicians Showing Promising Results in Detecting Cancer

New Smartphone Attachment For Physicians Showing Promising Results In Detecting CancerThe findings of a pilot program for the D3 imaging system were recently shared in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

D3 is short for digital diffraction diagnosis, which is an imaging module with a high powered LED light, which clips on to a smartphone. The end result is a high resolution imaging device that has a field of view superior to that of a traditional microscope.

As confirmed by IndustryWeek, the system has the ability to record data from over 100,000 cells from blood, biopsy, or a tissue sample. Microbeads are added to the blood or tissue, which is then combined to detect cancer related molecules. Analyzing the diffraction patterns helps to determine if cancer is present.

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Telemedicine Stands To Drastically Improve Healthcare In China

Telemedicine Stands To Drastically Improve Healthcare In ChinaWhile rural healthcare facilities certainly exist in China, many who live in remote areas wait until their health condition worsens then travel to Beijing or Shanghai to receive medical care. The reasons that many forgo their rural healthcare facilities are many; some question the quality of care, while politics plays a role in the reason for others.

What this means is that hospitals in China are severely overcrowded, which is one of the areas telemedicine stands to improve healthcare. Another area of improvement is to treat the patient before it progresses to a need for emergency care or a hospital stay.

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ADP AdvancedMD Rolls Out PRM Platform

ADP AdvancedMD Rolls Out PRM PlatformADP AdvancedMD has just lifted the veil on its Patient Relationship Management (PRM) suite.

If you’re not familiar, ADP AdvancedMD is a leader in all-in-one, cloud electronic health record (EHR), practice management, medical scheduling, medical billing services and a pioneer of big data reporting and business intelligence for smaller medical practices.

Ahead of the weekend, the organization announced the launch of its PRM suite — a solution that helps private medical practices streamline the patient intake process and the amount of time it takes to administer patient forms.

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Wildflower Health Expanding Mobile Platform for Maternity and Family Health

Wildflower Health Expanding Mobile platform for Naternity and Family HealthWildflower Health has just announced a $5 million investment in the company to facilitate what the organization calls its “strategic expansion.”

New investors Easton Capital and Hatteras Venture Partners led the funding round with participation by existing investors Cambia Health Solutions and HealthTechCapital.

The mission to be expanded?  The financing, we’re told, will help Wildflower expand its offerings to include new programs that help families manage their healthcare and connect them to the healthcare system in a more efficient, smarter way.
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TruClinic Partners With Google To Deliver Secure Telemedicine Via Chromebooks

TruClinic Partners With Google To Deliver Secure Telemedicine Via ChromebooksTruClinic is one of the leading telemedicine health care solutions today for hospitals and healthcare providers around the globe. In a recent announcement, TruClinic revealed that it has partnered with Google for Work to create a streamlined telemedicine solution via Chromebooks.

Currently, hospitals and medical professionals access TruClinic through their mobile device of choice, but can now invest in a Chromebook laptop that comes standard with the TruClinic telemedicine software, as well as other healthcare applications required for patient care.

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How Podcasts Are Shaping the Future of Healthcare Technology

How Podcasts Are Shaping  the Future of Healthcare TechnologyWhere there’s education, there’s innovation.

In the realm of modern healthcare technology, the more that’s known of cutting-edge wireless technologies, the faster new solutions for mHealth and telemedicine will be devised and introduced to market.

With the hopes of spurring local interest, understanding, and discussion in all things wireless and mobile, The Mobile Technology Association of Michigan (MTAM) is launching a weekly audio broadcast called Michigan Mobile Musings, hosted on BlogTalkRadio.

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