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The Government & mHealth: $30M in USDA Telehealth Grants go to 34 States

It’s been announced by the USDA that it’s Distance Learning and Telemedicine (DLT) program has handed out $30M to 34 states around the country in an effort to bolster telehealth in rural areas.  This comes shortly after doling out $6M to hospitals around the Mississippi Delta region at the end of November.

The grants will go toward more than 100 telehealth projects, but the states with the biggest allowance include Maine with $3.9 million, Oklahoma with $3 million, Alaska with almost $2.3 million, and Texas with $1.6 million in grants.  Some of the projects the grants will help fund include everything from video equipment for a ship-based medical exam room in Maine to a tele-conferencing setup connecting Loring Hospital in Iowa with local schools and nursing homes.

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Verizon Launches HD Teleconferencing App For iPad/Smartphones Aimed Squarely at mHealth

We’ve talked a lot recently about what AT&T is doing in the mHealth space, but it looks like Verizon isn’t wasting any time either.  At the recent Verizon Developers Conference in Las Vegas, the nation’s largest wireless operator debuted a new mobile HD video conferencing tool for businesses — a tool aimed squarely at the mHealth market.

The tool, which includes an app called FuzeMeeting, allows users the ability to start multi-party HD video conferences from their smartphones and tablets.  The solution also allows you to collaborate with documents, video and images face-to-face while leveraging the speed of Verizon’s 4G LTE data network.   While the solution is applicable in a wide range of industries, healthcare comes to mind as the most prominent.  Medical staff can remotely access patient X-Rays, obtain live video consultation with doctors and instantly collaborate with a pool of experts through video conferencing, among many other use cases.

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