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First Look: Enterprise Telemedicine Substantially More Successful than Departmental Approach

U.S. healthcare providers are increasingly leveraging a centrally managed (i.e., enterprise) approach to telemedicine, according to the results of the REACH Health 2018 U.S. Telemedicine Industry Benchmark Survey. Forty-eight percent of respondents indicated they use an enterprise approach, up from 39 percent in 2017. This corresponded with a significant drop in telemedicine initiatives managed by individual departments, from 36 percent last year to 26 percent this year.

“Not only are enterprise telemedicine programs becoming more common – they are markedly more successful,” said Steve McGraw, President and CEO of REACH Health. “When we correlated these approaches with participants’ achievements, we found that organizations taking an enterprise approach are 30 percent more likely to be highly successful than organizations with a departmental approach.”

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DoseDr Telemedicine Platform Expanded for Use Treating All Chronic Diseases

Telemedicine provider DoseDr announced today its platform now supports treatment for all chronic disease—hypertension and related conditions including coronary artery disease, chronic kidney disease, stroke, and essential hypertension—tackling the problems currently unaddressed by the health care industry.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that 86 percent of the $2.7 trillion spent annually on health care goes toward chronic disease, more than half to cover costs associated with exacerbations and preventable complications.

Realizing the motivation exists on both sides—patients want to take better care of themselves and doctors what to help them to do so—DoseDr was determined to close the gap by finally providing the tools needed to fix what’s broken with the health care system and save trillions of dollars in the process.

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VideoMost Helps Anet in Japan with Telemedicine and Enterprise Sales

On Friday, SPIRIT DSP — a communications technology company with software products serving more than 1 billion people in over 100 countries — announced that both Hokkaido Kin-ikyo Public Interest Association of Medical Service for Workers and Kawasaki-based SWCC SHOWA are using its VideoMost-based on-premise videoconferencing product delivered by Tokyo-based Advanced Network Systems Co (Anet).

“Telemedicine is a hot trend increasing use of video communication technologies and services as it allows for providing medical services without necessity to bring patients and medical personnel together in one place,” reads a media statement emailed to MHW.

Japan is leading the world with an average life-span of 83.7 years largely thanks to quick development and adoption of the newest medical technologies by the society.

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TripleCare Rolls Out Telemedicine Services within the Ocean Healthcare Network

MHW has learned that TripleCare — a national provider of telemedicine-based healthcare services to skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) — has introduced its services to the Ocean Healthcare Network, a network of family owned and operated New Jersey-based healthcare centers.

Effective now, three Ocean Healthcare post-acute care centers in New Jersey began utilizing TripleCare’s innovative telemedicine solution. These include:

  • South Mountain Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, 2385 Springfield Avenue, Vauxhall, NJ 07088
  • Park Crescent Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, 480 N Walnut Street, East Orange, NJ 07017
  • Hampton Ridge Healthcare and Rehabilitation, 94 Stevens Road, Toms River, NJ 08755

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Benefits by Design Inc. Partners with Telemedicine Company GOeVisit

Benefits By Design (BBD), a third party administrator that connects Canadian businesses with benefits and workplace solutions, has partnered with MyCare MedTech Inc., a Canadian telehealth company offering medical care through its platform, GOeVisit.

According to details in an emailed statement, GOeVisit provides virtual consultations with medical providers for minor illnesses 24/7 from coast to coast.

The partnership offers BBD groups an innovative way to access medical care for minor illnesses without having to leave home or office and without experiencing long wait times.

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$1 Million on the Way to Expand Telemedicine in Rural Louisiana

According to a report this morning from KALB, Congressman Ralph Abraham confirmed ahead of the weekend that the US Department of Agriculture has awarded grants in the amount of about $1 million “to enhance delivery of medical services through telemedicine in 15 rural Louisiana parishes.”

The grants were awarded through the USDA’s Distance Learning and Telemedicine Program.

“Telemedicine is another tool that modern technology has added to the health care equation. Patients in rural areas can’t always make it to a specialist. Telemedicine allows us to bring the doctor to them to make sure they get the treatment they need. I appreciate Sec. Sonny Perdue and the USDA for awarding these grants to help Louisiana’s vulnerable patients,” Dr. Abraham in quoted in the report.

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Telemedicine Platform to Launch ICO for Medical Token Currency

MHW learned today that free telemedicine platform, Docademic, is set to roll out its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for their Medical Token Currency (MTC) on Monday, January 29, 2018.

According to the official word emailed to MHW, Docademic is creating a healthcare services based blockchain that will be powered by MTC.

The currency is touted as the next Bitcoin for healthcare products and service, and Docademic anticipates that it will become the token of choice in the industry. When the ICO is launched, the MTC will be available for 0.001 ETH.

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